Monday, June 20, 2011

Outfit Finished New one Planned

 Blues and the Boys are especially pretty this summer.

 Posing in the unfinished guest bedroom in the lower level, the Pergo flooring was purchased just before Bob left on his trip it's not down yet. I finished the pink top today that goes with the floral skirt I posted awhile back. 
 Top is faced with the skirt material. Always windy and cool when I go outside to take photos. 
The next project is this retro jacket and skirt (probably a black skirt.) I have to do a muslin of the top for fit, what a drag and a lot of work but for fit I must. Going to cut one out of a red sheet I have used before for a project. 
*In church today I was looking at the clothes on women, goodness there are some jazzy patterns and colors now with empire looks on people who really shouldn't wear them. Honestly those fabric patterns are just ugly. It maybe my age but I don't know when I've seen colors and patterns anymore unappealing than now. Are women loosing all fashion sense these days or just buying what they can find? These young women who sew Retro and have blogs look lovely in their clothes so there is a big movement out there to get away from the ugly store bought clothes. 


Debby said...

You always look so nice. Beautiful outfit. I agree about how people dress. I will stick to my casual plain clothes.

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

Oooh, the tartan is gorgeous, but it will need to be matched. And I never enjoyed doing that.

Anonymous said...

I agree I dont like the styles
today. Would love to see women
wearing hats again. Really
enjoy your sewing.

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