Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Saturday

 Our blue poppies this year. Someone always comments wanting to try and grown these but I always tell them they will not grow in warm climates. Our summer's here are not over 65 degrees. If it gets warmer than that where you live you are out of luck I'm afraid.
 Bob had to wire the ends shut so the plants could get a start. I had to replace all of them as something went in a broke them all off, no foot prints were seen just the broken plant lying there. 
My rhubarb this year and I'm not using it at all. Why? Because rhubarb requires large amounts of sugar and we don't eat sugar anymore eating the Primal diet. I suppose I could fool with some Stevia but haven't as yet. 

 Kalen here wanting to run out in the tall grass which is forbidden, too many nesting birds out there. The ducks, cranes, and pheasant have learned to deal with these two and can be seen coming right out to the pond and feeders when the dogs are present as we try our best to teach the dogs respect. Kalen is young and every once in awhile he will bolt and decide to give chase for which he is reprimanded, it's times like this I wish I had a shock collar. Pan now he is trained so well to listen to me he will give it up when I say to. Pan is smartest and most dedicated Weimaraner to me I've ever had. He actually never lets me out of his sight. 

 We worked at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning. I had my Saturday Market skirt on and just as I was almost out the door of the house it was lying at my feet having the tie in the waist break. I had to grab a pair of pants instead no time to fix it, next time I'll wear it. 
 However like these two women at the Farmer's Market talking to Bob I had tights on underneath. I love the creative way these women put together a wardrobe. Both of these women came in on bikes by the way. Even the Farmer's Market has no crowds. That is how it is here in the land of less people and less stress. People are in good moods smiling and waving you through our 3 way stop sign. It's an amazing quirky little town.


vivian said...

less people and less stress! but only 65 degrees.. but those blue poppies.. and those views.. but only 65 degrees.. but baby seals.. it all sounds wonderful and looks beautiful... but I do need warm days at the beach.. thought could those be traded in for those awesome views? possibly.. maybe!
I love the life you live!
have a great sunday

Jacqueline said...

I love it, the land of less people and their own unique style. If you have time to visit my post today you'll see my son and wife with their own unique style. They have a new home a 1951 rambler style full of charm and they have put their own unique spin on it.

I had to giggle about the waistband popping...I can picture it. One time Nan, my grandmother Mary who was from Scotland was walking with her very short husband Charlie down the streets of Vancouver and her waistband broke. Grandpa ushered her into a doorway when he heard her announce in her accent..."Oh Charles, me bloomers have popped off". Grandpa said "wiggle your hips Mary and take a wee step out of them" and there they left Mary's bloomers. A very true story.

Sandy said...

Looks like Kalen has recovered! Your flowers are so pretty and love that deep blue color. Too hot here to grow them that's for sure.

I love your new outfit!

Beth said...

A shock collar? How sad. :(

My Vintage Mending said...

Sign me up. I hate the traffic. I have only know the poppies to grow in cool climates. Isn't it just like that to break as you head out the door. Does it help the fruit/veggie prices any at the farmers market or is it not even feasable have produce at the market this time of year? Smiles..Renee

GardenofDaisies said...

Nan, I'm so glad the tie on the skirt broke while you were still at home. Can you imagine if it had happened at the market? LOL! Make sure you wear your prettiest undies, just in case it ever happens again. :-)
The blue poppies are beautiful! No, they would never grow here. We can have 65 degree swings in the weather in just one day. Yes, we have wild and crazy weather here and when that jet stream wants to wibble wobble back and forth over us, we can get anything and everything.
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