Monday, June 6, 2011


Every once in awhile I like to post some of our outrageous food prices here at the 'end of the road' in Homer, Alaska just so you'll feel good about where you are even if you don't have our views you've got to have cheaper food prices. 
Two organic oranges which were cheaper than regular ones is why I went for them priced @ $4.43 for 2. 
Two white nectarines @ $2.71 for 2.
Two yellow peaches @ $1.82 for 2
Organic bananas @ $1.49 a pound
Bosch pears @ $2.72 for 2
And my real favorite is cottage cheese in the 2 pound carton priced @ $6.15. The nectarines and peaches were on sale by the way! Gas dropped down here and is now $4.46 a gallon for the past couple weeks. This would all be considered a bargain by those who live in bush Alaska.


Anonymous said...

WOW you do have high prices.

Ann said...

WHOA, I guess! Our gasoline today is $3.65--thats gone down about .30 a gallon in the last few weeks. Your fruit prices do seem so high but I guess it's all in the priorities.

vivian said...

wow! I spend so much on groceries... I just cant imagine spending more! but you do have that view! lol
ps.. glad your puppy is feeling better!

ImagiMeri said...

So tell me again why you live there? Is the view really worth it? I hope so. I get my bananas for .44 a pound.

Big Hugs,

ImagiMeri said...

Oh, I have pretty desert views, too!


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