Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Blues

Love in the Mist

I love blue flowers and 10 years ago got the idea after the blue poppies got going to have an all blue garden.  Pinks started creeping in and my blue garden was not happening. 
Just this year my pink Fairy shrub died so now I'm considering going all blue again as a couple of the others I may move out. It's too late this year as our seasons are so short but I can plan for the next and make it happen. 
Caryopteres Petite Bleubeard Shrub 

Above is Borage Blue Star. These other photos are blue perennials I hope to acquire next year. 
This one above I took a photo of at the gym. It's a glorious pale blue. I  drove out to Fritz Creek Gardens and talked to owner Rita Jo about what this might be. She thinks she has one so I bought it. This year my blue garden will start with this perennial in addition to what I already have. I already have in a blue/violet a wild geranium, Forget Me Nots, a blue Thistle and all those stunning blue poppies. 


gpc said...

Gorgeous! We don't have as many blues down here, but my forget-me-nots have finally started to take hold and were beautiful this spring!

dana said...

As the previous person said, we don't have many blues here, either. Yours are amazing!!! I don't blame you for wanting to fill your gardens with those colors.

One of my Breakfast Group buddies is taking an Alaskan Cruise in July....she's so excited. They'll spend a week on land.... which, of course, includes seeing Denali. Another week will be putzing around on the
water in various areas.

Hope you're having a good weekend...our weather has be amazing for about 4's such a welcome break from the craziness of this season so far.


My Vintage Mending said...

This hue of blue is dynamic. Almost rare in the garden. I have tried baptisa, Russian sage, Japanese Irises, and delphinium for perennial and lobilia for an annual. Yours choices are of luck...smiles...Renee

David T. Macknet said...

Beautiful! I hope you're including those borage flowers in salads - they're quite edible, if a bit fiddly to harvest. :)

ImagiMeri said...

Those are stunning........all of em! I considered going purple, lavender and lilac in my front yard, but it never happened. The tulips are to die for.


Angela said...

Cool blue garden! That first flower is so unique and beautiful!

Funoldhag said...

There's a lovely annual - blue salvia - that you might try. Nothing like a red salvia - lacier and daintier. Love your blue flowers.

Debby said...

So pretty. You don't see alot of blue flowers around here. How pretty would an all blue garden be.

Jacqueline said...

First Nan...thank you for going to Kara's blog and visiting her. She was thrilled and I even showed her your picture so she can see you. I have your picture under glass on my desk in my happy room and all your tags around me. I love you so much!!!

I love the blues and what a great idea. I'd like to be a copy-cat if you don't mind?

I have a blue forget-me-not story...I planted a small plant in the Fairyland that a very odd women gave me. She turned out to be really odd, for many reasons and a little spookey and some risky business she was in...anyway...I pulled up the forget-me-nots she gave me because her memory was just too strange for my garden and do you know, I could not get rid of the forget-me-nots for nothing! They kept popping up in her memory every place I turned. Makes me smile...I love them but I have not planted them since!

Mailed my first pen pal letter to you today and still packing up your birthday gift. I want to add a few fun extra's. It's already very late for the past important date but it will arrive in July..promise!

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