Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Blues and the Boys

My blue poppies are starting to bloom this week. 
The luggage out is for Bob as he is taking a European cruise and a visit to Germany in two weeks. We're seeing what we need to pack, etc. 
He's accompanying our grandson Dallas as a roommate as an 18 year old must have an escort in their room on cruise ships, along with be our daughter and son in law. 
*Kalen report: He is doing well at long last. He just had so much in his stomach and intestines from my sewing room. I've got to be really careful not to let anything drop on the floor as they eat it. I'm sewing this afternoon as it's pretty cold and windy out for weeding. 


Debby said...

Safe travels to your hubby and family. That will be a trip with lots of memories.
Glad your doggy is getting better. So scary.
I hope you have some fun things planned while you are solo.

My Vintage Mending said...

Nice to see your boys love the pillows as much as mine do. They snuggle right up to them. The poppy is beautiful. I have never seen a blue one. Safe travels to all. Enjoy the quiet...smiles...Renee

gpc said...

I've never seen a blue poppy either - beautiful! How fun to travel with a grandchild, I hope your husband has a wonderful time!

A Vintage Chic said...

Those blue poppies are divine, Nan! I love them, but have never grown them myself--yet! I never remember to order seeds early enough! Thanks for the photo of yours!

How fun that your husband gets to travel with your grandson--what a wonderful experience that will be!

Glad Kalen is feeling better, too!

Thanks for the link to your skirt pattern--I'm hoping to get one started soon--I really appreciate it!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!


Vintage Girl said...

Well, your dogs eat non food items. Wow, that's hard. The blue poppy are beautiful, love them have a good week Nan

Charlene said...

That blue poppy is stunning! I don't think I have ever seen one.

Those boys are giving you fits aren't they? Hope Kalin is better soon. And I hope hubby has a great time on his trip. What a great experience to spend that sort of time together! Are you cool with staying by yourself? THANK YOU for the BDay wishes!

Jacqueline said...

Yippeee! At last Kalen is on the mend. Imagine that! Eating up your sewing threads and fabrics and whatevers!

Oh cheers to Bob and his wild cruise adventures! What a trip and shared with grandson! I love that! That's what real dreams are made of.

I've been busy celebrating oldest son Jared's birthday and taking a couple of road trips to the antique barn (on blog today) and working extra hours at Michaels. I have been applying for jobs also to see what is coming NEXT.

I'm thinking of you and again, I love FERN, she is the cutest!!!

LBP said...

Blue poppies?? You can buy blue poppies?? Why didn't I know this? That is just beautiful! I only have orange poppies!

Hope you husband has a great time on his trip!



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