Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I plan on having a peanut butter pie for my birthday when Bob and I eat out at Cups Restaurant here in town tonight. 

 Today is Flag Day (is your flag out?) and my 70th birthday. 
This is my attempt to show you that being 70 is not all that negative a thing as one might think. A woman can still have a reasonable body, good health, and an active life. I'm comfortable being in a swimsuit as I've been swimming here in Homer since I arrived 10 years ago. Just this last year I got bored and switched to all gym workouts. The thing is, and I know you don't want to hear this part, no matter what you have to work out all your life. Exercise gives you a strong body to resist disease. I know what I need for myself to stay in shape and for you it could be different. All I personally spend is one hour 4 times a week in the gym, not much time really, however at home I'm not a couch potato. 
I believe in weights for women and women hate to use them especially older women, big mistake as your bones need them. Without muscle putting pressure on your bones what do you have? A recipe for weakness and you don't want to be frail.
 *Over the years my workouts have evolved as I've been working out weekly for 43 years now. In my 40's for a time I was a runner but that is too hard on my knees now. That is what I mean by evolve, just go on to something you can do not use it as an excuse to quit. As for diet you know about Primal I've mentioned it before and won't go into that as I'll have you all kicking and screaming bloody murder on what you have to give up, but I will say you would have to WORK to hold weight on your body! Also one type diet is not a catch all for everyone it's all very individual and especially regional. My disclaimer here, don't listen to me on any of this I'm just telling you what works for me. 
Well I took lots more photos but I just don't have the guts to post them and really thought long and hard about these two. I sure hope I don't embarrass my kids. Pan is looking at me wondering what the heck I'm up to. 


vivian said...

Happy 70th Birthday!! and looking good sister! I was doing so good last year, lost 55 pounds and was exercising.. but I lost the uhmf and am having trouble getting back on track... uhg!
but you look great, good for you. enjoy that peanut butter pie tonight!

Cindy said...

Whoo hoo Happy 70th Birthday!
If you haven't told your age..I really would of thought you were in your late 50's!!
You are the jolt I needed this morning on the exercise thing.Thanks for posting and sharing!!
Eat you some pie and have a great day!

Hugs from Texas Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Vintage Girl said...

Happy Birthday Nan! You look beautiful! I don't see a 70 year old lady in that picture. You are so tone and have a body of a much younger lady. You are right working out is important. I know I need to do it too. Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy that pie tonight!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nan!!! I really can't believe your 70. Wow, you look great and even better you seem to be doing great. Thanks for being such a great role model and encourager for all of us.

Have the best birthday. You deserve it.

Hugs and love...Tracy :)

Sherri B. said...

Happy Birthday Nan, you look fantastic! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your birthday dinner and that yummy pie.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday, Nan! I really enjoyed reading your great advice. I need some encouragement to keep in an exercise routine. You are a living testiment to the benefit! I think your pictures are wonderful and so inspiring. I hope you have the best birthday Ever! Twyla

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, Nan!
Thanks for being an encouragement to this un-fit lady! You look great and I think Pan wants you to go walking in your suit! :)

barncat said...

Happy 70th! Hope it's a wonderful one. :)

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Happy birthday!!!!! Wow--you look AMAZING!!!

It's alo my mom's 71st birthday and my daughter's 25th.
June 14th must've been an excellent day to be born!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! You look fantastic, and your words are so true. I count on Jazzercise, which includes dance, aerobics and weights.

Marylnail@bellsouth.net said...

Happy Birthday! You are one beautiful lady!

My Vintage Mending said...

Happy Happy Day....You look absolutely FANTASTIC! Skin is beautiful, tone and gorgeous. Super jealous. What a great gift to yourself. Enjoy every bite of that pie....smiles....Renee

Georgeanne said...

Happy Birthday!! You look fabulous!! What an inspiration!

Kath said...

Wow you look like a girl 20 years younger.
I hope I look half as good at 70.
If Uncle Bernard comes over he'll approve I'm sure.
Enjoy your pie, I have never heard of it, much less tasted it, but I just know I would love it!

ImagiMeri said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!

You look fantastic, and you're one of my idols. I've lost 18 pounds in just this past month, but have so much more to go. Hope you have the happiest birthday ever!

Love ya'

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

YOU LOOK FANTASTIC - what a motivator you are! I exercise a lot too - but I have been "cheating" on my eating behavior not feeling good about that! "Happy Birthday" - may God bless you another year through. That pie does look delicious!

Lynn said...

~Happy 70th Birthday!!~ You don't look your age by any means, that's for sure! You look fantastic!! Enjoy your birthday and that delish looking peanut butter pie today too!


Jane M said...

Happy birthday to a great looking gal. You deserve to be proud because you put the effort into staying fit. I finally realized about 11 years ago that I have to put much more effort into exercise than I ever imagined, just to stay fit in my middle years. I love my daily 4 mile walks or 10 mile bike rides but haven't embraced doing weight workouts as much as I need to for that bone health. So thanks for the reminder and inspiration. And I too enjoy those occasional desserts...and that one looks fantastic.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Nan! I'm popping over from Two Crazy Crafters to wish you a very happy birthday. You look great! Last nite on The Doctors there was a 90 year old woman who teaches yoga -- she was doing planks and was much stronger than all the doctors on the show (except maybe Dr. Travis :) -- her tip for life was BREATHE! I've always heard that most people are shallow breathers so I make sure to take a time out many times to breathe really deep and long and do the same thing before bed. I sure hope I am healthy and happy at 70 and 90. You are an inspiration! Best wishes, Tammy

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Would have never thought you were 70- you look amazing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I agree that exercise is a lifelong choice and commitment. Last summer I decided to get by act together and joined a fit camp that exercised in a nearby park every a.m. at 6:30. It was the kick start I needed and I have stuck with it. Have a wonderful day (and enjoy that pie)

Canyon Girl said...

Happy Birthday, Nan! You look just great and will be an inspiration for me.

Sylve said...

Hallo Nan. Kath told me you're celebrating your 70th Birthday today - I hope you're having a wonderful time. Perhaps I'll get back to exercising when I've seen the cardiologist again but somehow I doubt it. You look amazing in your costume.
Happy Birthday,

Sleepery said...

Great post. You look great!

Beth said...

Nan, You look great! I would never have guessed it's your 70th birthday! Have a happy birthday and enjoy your peanut butter pie.
Blessings, Beth

Scrap for Joy said...

Happy Birthday Nan! You look Mahvelous for any age! You have taken such good care of yourself that you certainly deserve the pie! Have a great celebration!

Deborah said...

Wow, Nan! Glad to see your birthday suit doesn't need ironing! Perhaps it's time to scrap the one-piece and wear a bikini with that hot body! Thanks for showing us 70 still rocks!Happy Birthday, Debbie

Bernard said...

A 'little bird' flew in and told me you were celebrating your 70th Birthday today by rolling in the snow in your bathing costume!
This I had to see. :)
Hope you have a wonderful time.
That picture with snow capped mountains has brought me out in a thousand 'goose-pimples'! (or do you call them 'goose-bumps' in Alaska?)
Cheers....(Uncle) Bernard.

Valerie said...

You go Girl! You rock a bathing suit!......HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

Happy Birthday, Nan!!!! You look fabulous! I would never have guessed that you were 70. Thanks for the encouragement to take better care of ourselves.

Storybook Woods said...

Happy birthday and you look amazing!!! You go girl oxox Clarice

dana said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nan. You look MARVELOUS...and should be a center fold in the AARP magazine!! Honestly, the word needs to get out about how great staying active and eating properly looks!!

I have to say, I feel I eat well (most of the time) and am very into exercise....but I still wouldn't put on a bathing suit because I don't look as great as you!!! You SHOULD put it on and proudly show yourself off. And I'm betting your family is very proud of you, too!!

Hope you have many more years of great health!!


PS Now I'm gonna be thinking about peanut butter pie all day! :)

Sandy said...

I'm so late catching up on your blog Nan. First, I hope you had a very happy 70th...and, of course, you look fantastic. No one would ever guess your age. You certainly have had the will power to eat right and exercise as a lifetime commitment. We're working on it...trying to walk and lose the weight. We are both feeling better too.

Pat Deneen said...

Inspiration!!! You look at terrific at 70.

I just discovered your blog today and have spent all morning reading it. I cannot say how impressed I am with all your sewing projects, etc. A woman who used to sew, I am encouraged to pull out the old machine, oil her up and see what I can make.

Regards from Atlanta.

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