Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Balancing Act

This is my friend Kathy H. who recently played part in a small crew to move a sail boat from San Diego to Seattle. 
The boat is coming up here to Homer eventually as the owner lives here. Kathy has lots of experience in her past life sailing and wants to get back into it again. She was unfortunately plagued by sea sickness and had to get off at Fort Bragg and fly home. But while she was at sea she noticed how much stronger she was getting just from balancing herself all day. 
These two images from Flickr
This coupled with the fact I've been watching the Big Apple Circus on Netflix and especially admiring the wire routine this one gal did. I got to thinking that would be a good workout walking a wire or as this boy here is doing a limb. I'm going to be looking into this, something a foot off the ground so when I fall I don't kill my knees lol..I'm checking my yard for possibilities and think a narrow plank from the strawberry box to the vegetable box might work. I have no idea what kind of wires these people use but I do know they kill your feet until you get toughened up. Do you think I've totally lost it?


Debby said...

I have no balance and would fall. I have alot of dizziness and ear problems.
BUT I think it is a terrific idea. If you think of it you are making your brain think differently. Great brain exercise. You try it first, hah. Let us know how it goes. Maybe we will soon see you in Circus Circus in Vegas.

gpc said...

I think you can put the board FLAT on the ground and get the same effect. If you can balance on the ground-board without problem, you can try to raise it a little at a time. That's how they start toddlers - I know it wouldn't be a good idea for ME to start out in the air, lol! But balance and flexibility are the keys to good health as we age, I suspect, so good idea!

Jacqueline said...

I totally understand...Girls like us always take a trip on the wild and adventure side of life. You never cease to make me smile.

My Vintage Mending said...

I know this works and it is such a hard thing to do...I hated this routine in the gym because you would feel it for days after...hope she has her sea legs back soon...smiles..Renee

Kara said...

Hi Nan! I love your blog, if that's your pup... She is beautiful!!! :) I love our dogs they're such sweeties! I will be sure to take some pictures at my Mary Kay Parties! Show you all what I do! :)

Hugs~ Kara

ImagiMeri said...

I think we all want to run away to the circus once in a while! I did this a hundred years ago, or something, when I was in gymnastics, and now it just scares me to death. I originally hurt myself in gymnastics (blew out my left knee) and it has altered my life ever since, so I try to stay away from those kind's of adventures now. However, I think everyone should try something once.


Deborah said...

Nan, That's a great idea! It's called "slacklining", and Ben and I have the set up and a DVD on it if you wanna borrow it! See you this weekend, Debbie

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