Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whimsical Houses

I made a little whimsical house this afternoon from the book I posted about called Scandinavian Stitches. 
My sewing is held up at present waiting on material to arrive to make over the pink shell. The one I made was way too small and I didn't even check as the jacket fit perfectly. 
The gabardine fabric I ordered from Fashion for a couple new patterns I bought is still not here. I ordered it April 29th and have had many things arrive ordered after that, won't be ordering from them again. Living up in Alaska I won't put up with slow shippers. 


ImagiMeri said...

Awwwe what a sweet little house. I could actually imagine a row of them in a banner. I'd hate to wait, too! I'm very impatient! Excited to see more of your sewing prowess.


Vintage Girl said...

That a really cute house, you are so talented. Waiting on the mail is always hard! Hope everything arrives soon.

~~Carol~~ said...

That little house is just magical Nan! I hate waiting for things to arrive in the mail. Sometimes it takes longer to get something from the next town over, than it does from another state. No wonder the USPS is in debt!

Jacqueline said...

You tell em'...go get em' girl and sick your doggies on them too!
Just playing! What's wrong with the slow pokes in life? Of course, I go 100 mph non-stop and I could learn a thing or two from the snails in life.

I want to open the door to the little house and play gnomes inside!

I managed to mail everything to you but I could not lift the media box. Len will take it to the postal drop tomorrow. Whew...I finally did it! Only Lorraine and Jill left to go. Please tell Lorraine she is next!

The tin toy kind of tin for sure.

A Vintage Chic said...

What an adorable house, Nan! So sorry you're having frustration with the shipping--I HATE waiting too long for things I need!

Hoping you're having a wonderful night, my friend...


Kath said...

they are so cute Nan, I can imagine them as christmas decorations. Another project for my "do list" LOL
Thanks for your comment on my kitchen, I can't tell you how good it is to have somewhere to cook after 7 months :-D

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