Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring is finally Happening

The first moose calf we have seen here was out in the field yesterday taken with a very long range lens so it's a bit out of focus hand held. This cow also had trailing way off from her twin yearling calves she is keeping well back. She is looking back at them right now to be sure they stay away she will not tolerate them coming near unless the calf should die. 
If you enlarge this you can see the twin yearlings, one on the left by the tree and one on the right. 
 We put three swallow boxes up recently and this one is in-between the garage and house and we have a tenant moved in this weekend. The temp there is 50 degrees at 10 am Sunday. There are darn few bugs for these birds to eat, last year they just left with no nests as it was too cool for bugs. 

This is a hawk that was after a pheasant hiding in the grass. I looked in the bird book and see a Sharp Shinned Hawk that looks like this. 


Linda Ruthie said...

I love your nature photos!
I've also been enjoying your posts showing your sewing projects. I'd love to have a peek inside the Russian store you shop at.

My Vintage Mending said...

Well, our barn swallows are not near as gorgeous as that. The colors are so brilliant. Twins? Is that rare? Finally Spring...long awaited for you. I got up to let the dogs out this morning and found the most amazing dead bluebird on the porch. I saved it for the family to see. My son wants to use the feathers for a fly...Enjoy...Renee

Canyon Girl said...

Great photos and one can't really get any closer to a moose mom and her calf. --Inger

GardenofDaisies said...

You have the most amazing wildlife out your door! Such a beautiful place to live!

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