Monday, May 16, 2011

Snow Geese on Spring Migration

Click to enlarge photo Barb Landi
Close up by Penny Mazonna
My friend Barbara wrote this about her photo... "Snow geese land in the field on the Springer Rd in Palmer, Alaska every Spring. The 3 girls are my granddaughters, and their house is across the road from that field, facing Pioneer Peak. The geese stop over in early May, and then keep flying north.  Usually peas are planted in that field."


Vintage Girl said...

This is so pretty. I love the geese and the mountains.

Faith said...

Snow geese are so pretty. What a nice spot to be.

vivian said...

another beautiful view! And the birds are a bonus! I just saw a bunch of baby (farm) geese this morning.. so soft and fluffy looking! maybe tomorrow I'll stop and take their picture if they are out. I love how the parents stay right with them.
have a great week!

Debby said...

Now that is alot of geese. Must be fun to see.
Alot better than my buzzards.
Thanks for stopping by. I never knew that about the Russians.
Most of the quilts were on neutral backgrounds here.
ALot were cream colored with just quilting not patterns. These didn't sell for as much. Sometimes they choose weird colors. I wish I would have bid on this one wall hanging that was called antique phone. A
ll white with about 3 triangles in black. Those black triangles formed a phone. It was one of the first on the block. So unique.

My Vintage Mending said...

It is so picture perfect its hard to believe. Who needs school when the kids have this? Unbelievable. Thanks for the gifts from nature Nan...Smiles...Renee

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