Saturday, May 7, 2011

Small Project

This is my Arctic Angel a single quilt block which will be 10" when completed in the quilt. It's a church project for a special someone and I'm making just the one block as are all the others which will be entirely up to each person to decide their pattern choice. We were just given colors to choose.

 This is what we call Alpenglow which is a pink light on the mountains late in the evening near 10 pm. This was taken on Thursday this week but it occurs each evening this time of year. 


Tracy Suzanne said...

EEEEKKKK!!!! I love your little Arctic Angel Nan. It is too precious. And your beautiful picture goes so well with it.

Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!

Love, Tracy :)

Chartreuse Moose said...

Darling block, just adorable! Wonderful pics...thank you for sharing!

Miranda said...

I love the arctic angel Nan, she is darling.

That "appleglow" is just amazing. What an incredible view you have.

I can't believe all the light we get already around here already these days! Alaska is an interesting place to live for sure.

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan can you imagine the cost of film if we were back in the cannister type. I would be photographing all day. Thank heaven for digital. These are the eskimo. Sweet blanket stitch. My favorite stitch of all. Happy Mother's Day...Smiles...Renee

Sherri B. said...

That block is precious, someone is going to be very thrilled with a quilt so special.

Photos are beautiful as usual.

A very Happy Mother's Day to you.

Sandy said...

Oh, Nan, your Arctic Angel is adorable! I just love your mountain views! I hope it warms up here so I can pressure wash our screened in porch and deck. It's so dirty and covered with that icky yellow tree pollen. Too messy to sit out there yet. Wish me luck!

Kath said...

Beautiful mountains, what an idyylic place you live Nan.
Your angel is so cute!

Creative Breathing said...

Happy Mother's Day Nan! Elizabeth

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