Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sewing Problems * Bias Pulls I hate them!

Okay first thing I had spots on the green satin skirt from who knows where so I sprayed them and put it through the wash on delicate cold/cold. This washed up beautifully. Second thing, it's cut on the bias and a couple of the seams looked like they pull. I found this article here as this is a common problem especially with a slippery fabric like satin bias cut. However I just tried this on tonight, you can see Kalen there looking up at me. I think it's fine, if one or two pull a bit the seam I had in the front sure didn't and it was hard to find that it was all that noticeable so I'm good to go. I have to put the hems in next (now I hope they don't do that ripply thing when stitched) then I want to start on the black top that goes with this lined in the same green. Wear this with black tights and I'm good for any weather we have here. 
(Reflection from my mirror today dining area)


Teresa said...

What a gorgeous green! It's beautiful!

Sandy said...

Does Kalen worship you or what! You bet he does. Pretty skirt...love the drape of it and the color. It's so hot here today almost 90 degrees. Where did spring go? It's too early for this summer heat. Ugh!

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