Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sewing and Dolls

I have spotted the hooded dress from 1940. There is another pattern as well in this dress design from the same time frame a McCalls. Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place. made one using the McCall's pattern out of red gaberdine and it's stunning check out the link and see her dress. Now I'm on a search for a reproduction pattern or an old one to make one myself.

These two girls are up for bid on Ebay. Since our little consignment shop in Washington state from Once upon a Fairyland closed I have all my dolls back so I'm trying them on Ebay they are sure to sell there. I put low opening bids as I want to move them out not keep them. I sell under lovdolls if you want to look me up. I'm starting slow but have a lot more to place.


Vintage Girl said...

Like the dress, It would be great for you living in Alaska! hope you make it!

Mary said...

Nan I just LOVE the hooded dress! I looked through my patterns and didn't have a hooded pattern. Darn it.

My Vintage Mending said...

I haven't run across very many patterns from this era. Not sure why? Doesn't look like a hard pattern though. Sewing is so rewarding...smiles...Renee

Jacqueline said...

Oh, I miss your dolls! Yes Nan, Len said that a package arrived on Saturday and he forgot to bring it in the house when he picked up the mail. I scolded him good so tonight I will be able to see what you sent!
Thank you in advance for whatever it is...I can hardly wait!

Debi said...

Thanks for the shoutout :-) I absolutely LOVE this Simplicity pattern and the variation on the hooded loveliness! So fantastic!!

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