Friday, May 6, 2011


Found this 1992 pattern in my pattern stash never used. The skirt is nice and full so I'm thinking I'll use it for the green satin. I'm going to do a black velveteen top of some sort even this one would work nicely. I know some of you wonder why I make such obvious impractical clothes. The answer is this, because I can. Next month I'm turning 70 and for me this says "If you want it just when did you plan on getting it when you are 90?" Come on the time is right now let's do it. 

A Mother's Day gift today in the mail. This cute craft book I had on my wish list. So many cuties in here I want to start one but have a quilt block to finish for a special surprise quilt for someone. I'm just doing one block and will show you when I finish it 100%. A second Mother's Day gift by way of my Kindle such a fun and easy way to read books. 
*My sewing is held up waiting on trim to arrive cannot move forward without it. 


Vintage Girl said...

Nan, wear what you want! I love that you are making what you call "impractical" clothing. You know I heard about the red hat society about a woman who wore what she wanted out in public. I was so excited until I heard that these ladies who followed her, just ended up wearing what she dreamed for herself. I don't want to be in someone else dream, I have one of my own, so do you! Wear what you love, wear it around your house for a special dinner with hubby, I am sure you will find an occasion!
have a ladies tea maybe!

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, first off I would put you at maybe 53...You have impeccable skin. A very young soul...How wonderful to be so wise and young at heart! I always wear what I want...remember I don't do trends. Its against my rules...I have been eying that Scandinavian Stitching book for some time now. Let me know how it is...I love your style and hope to be as youthful as you and wise in my sewing skills...very jealous...Renee

A Vintage Chic said...

I love your philosophy, Nan--I couldn't agree with you more! I think we need to be more that way no matter WHAT our age! Kind of why I'm wanting to make dresses from the '30's and '40's...I really don't care what's "in style"!

Hope your day is wonderful, my friend!


Jacqueline said...

When we make the choice to be very very impractical and we break all the rules to get there all in the name of fun it makes us want to run just for the fun into the sun because life has just begun...How do you like that thought on a Friday morning? Heck, 70 is so young compared to Noah! Look what he did, you go girl!!! I love having you for a friend!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Have a happy Mother's Day, Nan! Twyla

dana said...

Your jacket is really looking wonderful. It is tedious hand basting the trim, but it's worth it in the end. I think I have only made one jacket in my life. It was a red wood "blazer" (do they use that term anymore?) when I was taking Home Ec in HS. I recall fighting with the lining! :)

I think it's wonderful that you make those gorgeous clothes.....and I think you should be on the cover of some magazine. You are so youthful looking....and acting. I agree with your attitude. If not now...when? I think that's why I have really enjoyed getting into the running thing I do. Being around all of those people (and many are much older than I am) who have such great health lifestyles and approaches to life keep me inspired to be better myself.

I think you are definitely a creative inspiration...and a great role model for all of us in so many other ways, too.


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