Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liberty of London & other Sewing

I've been curious about this fabric. It's cotton and 54 inches wide made by Liberty of London at 28.98 dollars a yard which is as cheap a yard as I've seen it. This is for sale at right now. This is the finest cotton in the world it is said and I've been so curious about it but at those prices I'd be almost afraid to sew on it wouldn't you? I'd sure have to have a tried and true pattern to cut into that!
Remember the Saturday Market Skirt I started last year?
 I had on exactly 3 tiers before I quit last year. Today I made the 4th and bottom tier of 20 squares. I have to gather the 20 on now which is a royal pain as it's quite long. Then I have to make the waist band. Our Saturday Market's are starting up this Saturday so it's high time I finished this before jumping into yet another project.
Gina over at Vintage Girl gave me the number of her pattern which is on the left. I found these both on Etsy. None of the sleeves on the left pattern are for me so I'll have to change that probably by adding length to them. This requires a stretch material for this top.


Vintage Girl said...

Nan- I am glad you got the pattern. View d is what I used for non stretch fabric, it has the darts and a back zipper. Veiw A, I used for stretch fabric, so you can use both kinds if you like. I too, didn't like the sleeves so when cutting them out I added to the length and it worked out. That first fabric would look nice with this pattern, after a muslin of course. I too, am very curious about Liberty fabrics. I wonder if the wrinkle a lot. I would love to feel the weight of them. That is a nice price per yard.

Sandy said...

It's been years since I made any clothing but I know I was shocked at the prices of patterns the last time I looked at them at Joann's which was several years ago. Sewing isn't cheap anymore...fabrics are so expensive. You should try the pattern in a lesser expensive fabric and if you like it then purchase the expensive stuff. You are sewing up a storm Nan! I know I always enjoyed sewing and found it rewarding.

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan I have never heard of this fabric. I am going to check on this. Love the patterns. Perfect with capris or skirts. Keep me posted on Kalen. Smiles...Renee

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