Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Green Satin and Black Sand Washed Fabric

Well I guess this skirt will be my next project topped by  the pattern below for the black top. My fabric order on April 29th has not been sent yet, held up by a spool of thread on order if you can believe that ! So I will sally forth with a different project in the meantime when I finish the pink jacket buttons. 
I stopped in at the Russian shop today and came up with the two fabrics above. The owner of the Russian fabric shop opened the door for me (she was next door working in the laundry) and I told her I knew exactly what I wanted. I love going in there with so many richly colored fabrics in satin and silk and trims that all glitter and gleam.  The raspberry colored fabric I bought is to underline the green skirt. Why did I pick that? I just love those two colors together. This black jacket I will line with the green satin of the skirt. The black fabric for the top is a sand washed silk like fabric very soft, but not real silk. 
I have made this skirt many times and for friends as well. It's cut on the basis using one pattern piece as you can see from the worksheet there. It takes 3 yards of 60 inch to make and looks especially nice using rayon. 

*I cannot find a single photo on the net of how the Russian women dress here. I guess I'm going to have to go on the QT and zoom in on them with my lens. I want to show you their traditional Orthodox dress they all wear using the  exact same pattern but they have very different colors and patterns of fabric. 


Vintage Girl said...

Nan, Green and pink are great together. I really like the new look jacket. Waiting is hard for sure. Hope everything arrives soon!

My Vintage Mending said...

I cannot believe that you are still waiting for fabric. Ridiculous. These colors are so beautiful. I am partial to the peridot green as I am a leo. Those are the cutest creations out of the scandinavian book. Keep me posted when that thread arrives...Smiles...Renee

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Nan,

Pretty fabric, I just know it will be lovely. My brother called me yesterday from Katchemack Bay (sp?) and I told him I know someone out there. He and his wife are on a cruise.


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