Monday, May 2, 2011

Fashion in Alaska

The Kodiak HS Senior Prom. My grandson Dallas and Angela on Saturday. They will both be going to Fairbanks University this Fall. 

Took this with the timer and you can see both boys looking at me like 'what are you doing Mom?' They did this in all the shots I took. I'm was headed to church and wearing the new top I made. I put a black shirt underneath as it's too cold here right now for a scoop neck. Are long skirts popular where you live? They sure are here, along with tights and some big funky boots, another popular look is tights, boots, and a little skirt. 
Working on my pink linen top at present. Maybe the Russian shop will open Monday, can't wait to look for trims and red lace.


gpc said...

What a beautiful couple! And you look fabulous -- love the top, love your house, love your inquisitive boys! I rarely see skirts of any kind here, everyone seems to wear pants and capris. I have no waistline so skirts are not a great look for me, but I wish I could wear them. The older I get, the more I like the girly looks that I disdained when I was young!

My Vintage Mending said...

Beautiful. Seems here the girls go for a more trashy look. I call it street corner! Not too many long skirts here. I have an abundance of knee length. I love a good full skirt for church or any day. These tops have just turned out so well. I am so impressed with all the seams and trim. Wonderful job. That long mirror on the wall with the gold trim is gorgeous. Boys are a nice accessory! Smiles...Renee

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Nan,

Such a gorgeous couple, how blessed you are. As usual, you look stunning and you are just a whirlwind of sewing activity. Here in the desert you will find very few long skirts, or tights. If you did find an abnormal amount of long'd know that it must have gotten cold here in the valley of the sun!

Love ya'

Vintage Girl said...

So cute this couple! I really like your outfit. I love long skirts too, they aren't so popular here, but I don't care, I wear them anyway. Most people live in jeans around here. Boring!! Although I went to church in a barn last night and wore jeans! This is not the norm for me.

David T. Macknet said...

Happy Prom to them, and your dress looks quite nice.

You asked if long skirts are popular where we live. The short answer is, absolutely not. The longer answer is that tights are required, the micro-mini skirt is optional if wearing tights, otherwise the micro-mini is required. There are exceptions: I've seen girls wearing dresses which flow down to where the micro-mini would, and not wearing tights. That one posed a problem, as she was constantly trying to hold it against the wind.

There are 4 kinds of shoe, here: the ballet slipper, the "ugg" boot, the 5-inch heel, and riding boots (rare, though present). All of these may be seen in any season, at any time of day, combined with any sort of other dress.

It's quite bizarre.

Bare legs are rarely seen. After we'd been here for a couple of years, I saw a girl bare-legged and had to wonder about myself, as she seemed undressed.

Kath said...

What a cute couple!
It won;t surprise you to know that not only are bare legs seen here in Glastonbury, but often, bare feet too :-D

Debby said...

Your grandson is really handsome. His girlfriend is cute as well.
Love your new top. I hope skirts are coming back. I see lots of short ones on TV. I like the long ones.
Your house looks so nice. I like the colors of your walls. I bet the boys wondered what you were up to.

A Vintage Chic said...

Wonderful photos, Nan! Your grandson is so handsome!

I love your top--long skirts aren't worn much around here--but I wear them--not a short skirt fan, and never have been! I'm tall, too, so it's hard to get them the way I like them...which is why I've got to be sewing more!


MJ said...

Oh my gosh, has Dallas grown--and he looks so mature. I can still remember some of the first pictures I ever saw of both him and Michael. It's so hard to believe that they are both out of high school now and one in the Coast Guard and Dallas heading for college.

dana said...

The prom kids look darling....what are the temps in your area? Cooler weather doesn't keep the girls from dressing for their special occasions....I' d be shivering in that dress. It is beautiful, however.

What a cute photo of you and the pups!!! :)

You need to take your camera and get some photos of the Russian sounds very interesting!

Lots of cute projects going get so much done!!! Way to go!


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