Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Watch and Learn Sewing Lesson

 Pan  is showing the pattern that came today and below showing the instructions or guide sheet as I call them. Kalen stands by to learn how these things are done. 
Yes Kalen watch and learn. Nothing I do can possibly get past these two. 

 The guide said lay out all 8 pieces to the back of the jacket like so, then sew the center two together and work your way out. Very easy. The tan is a suede like fabric, not the real suede cloth. I've had it so long I no longer have the sticker for it telling the contents. 
 This jacket is to be lined and I have removed from my stash crimson satin which I have yards and yards of it seems bought at least 20 years ago. Gee how time flies. 
I cut off what I needed for the lining pattern and hand washed it. This is hang drying in the basement. Why did I do that? In case I want to wash the jacket instead of dry clean as the material is washable I didn't want red running all over. Dry cleaning here costs a small fortune by the way. 
The jacket angles down in the front and is longer than the back. Tue I will be buying some thread to match as I have none and must top stitch all those panels on the back.


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, I just cannot believe that you sew these intricate patterns. I am just amazed at your ability. Love seeing those chicks in the window. The weims are just the sweetest companions. I really love that you include them in your post. Thanks for all your support...Smiles...Renee...Kwik Sew my rear end!

Lallee said...

Nan, I am so impressed with your sewing. You are making some beautiful jackets!!!!

Your coffee bar view is just awesome. You must really be enjoying that new bar.

margit said...

hi nan,
your dogs are so cute!

gpc said...

Obviously the guys are doing a great job, because it looks like the jacket is going to be fabulous!

Creative Breathing said...

Nan, Your maroon jacket turned out so lovely! It looks wonderful on you. It is such fun to follow along with your sewing projects. Your helpers are fun to follow as well! Elizabeth

Sandy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this jacket finished. I bet it will look sweet on you. Your boys are so cute checking out what you are doing. They probably don't understand why there is no food up there on the counter. Our German Shepard we had many years ago was the same way always wondering what we were up to and sticking his nose there.

Stevie said...

Oh my goodness! Your pups are so smart and precious! Wow, this jacket pattern is lovely! xo

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