Saturday, April 30, 2011

Next Sewing Projects

 Found out about the new vintage Butterick pattern on left on this blog, another talented young woman who sews vintage.

I bet in your town you could find seam binding in that flat lace for hems? I wanted red for the satin Chinese design top. One shop in town and no they didn't have any type of binding at all. Thought the Russian shop surely should have some on bolts but they are closed for one of their 90 holidays a year. Will try again tomorrow she should be open then. One must have patience in small towns. 
Here are my latest patterns that arrived in the mail today. The top one is a dress and I'm going to make the red view with the peplum out of red gabardine which I ordered on line with a new fabric shop to me, really low prices.  
The jacket which I seem to have a penchant for selecting this complicated type, has many pleats on the side. I like the view A collar in the gold. Ordered a pastel blue gabardine for this one too. 
I have some pink linen on the way from but that is for the little Jackie Kennedy Chanel type jacket which will be lined in pink satin and trimmed out in black. Had this pattern for awhile now. By the way there is NO rickrack in the town shop.
 Personally I would not purchase another one of the above Hot patterns as the instructions have NO pictures. I'm a visual when it comes to sewing. This is pretty simple but I still like to see pictures when I sew. 


My Vintage Mending said...

I am with you...I need the pictures. This is why I love the internet. Hate when I order something and when it finally arrives, bummer. Gorgeous that button shop. Thanks for the note...smiles...Renee

Gertie said...

Thanks for the link! I love all the patterns you picked out.

Canyon Girl said...

While we do have books in common, I can't sew, but I still had to comment to let you know that the Butterick patterns really take me back down memory lane. I remember trying to conquer some of them when I was young. I also want to thank you for your support and nice comments on my A to Z Challenge posts.--Inger

Vintage Girl said...

These patterns are great! I just got your blouse pattern in the mail, LOVE it! can't wait to make one up! I'll be sending something this week to you! Happy Spring!

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