Thursday, April 21, 2011

Idea for the Easter table

I love to drop into this magical blog A Fanciful Twist. Here Vanessa has a darling idea I'm going to use on my Easter table. You can print off the images and wrap your eggs, either plain, colored or chocolate in these cute puppets she designed. Another idea is to wrap them in tissue attaching the puppet then tie the top with a ribbon. Vanessa is so talented if you have not seen her blog take a look at the others and also print off the images for your Easter eggs. 


Jane said...

Thanks for the reminder! I love Vanessa's blog but get behind & lose track.
Happy Easter!

Creative Breathing said...

Happy Easter Nan! Where else can you see moose and crafts and visit a Russian fabric store? Your jackets have all turned out so lovely. They look so nice on you! Your felt characters are just so darn cute! Also, thank you for your April HH tag. I am so late in getting around to visit all of the wonderful tags. Painting rooms from top to bottom in preparation for all new carpet now the BWP is gone. Oh my goodness is she ever beautiful! I must get a good shot of her waterfall tail to share. Your fellas look like their are happy for spring to come. Best wishes always, Elizabeth

Canyon Girl said...

That's so cute -- I admire you all who can do these things. I think the name of the good book by the author from Iceland is Silence of the Grave. --Inger

craftyles said...

I'm anxious to catch up on your blog-Love the felt cutie on the previous post.. Can't wait to see it finished. Have a Happy Easter!

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