Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cookie's Country Green House

 Back in March I started my annual volunteer job of helping my friend Cookie in her greenhouse once or twice a week. I  do things like transplant small plugs into larger pots and now we're onto making the hanging baskets that sell so well here. Last year Cookie made 300 of them and sold all but a few. 
 The hanging plastic basket itself costs Cookie 2.50 each as shipping is so much and plants are much more expensive up here due to the shipping costs. Most of her plants come from big nurseries in the lower 48. 
Grow lights and propane heat. Sometimes I just like to stand under that strong light there. 
 Baby duck yellow not a favorite of mine too pale.
 I made my 4 baskets first and used the color theme of red/white/blue. They don't look like a thing now but have a lot of growing to do. Cookie opens next week but it's a long time before anyone here can set a plant outside.
Any plants brought home now must be kept inside until the very end of May. Then we must go through the part that I hate called 'hardening off.' We set them out and bring them in over and over until the plants adjust to the climate which is cool here. I leave my 4 baskets in Cookies heated greenhouse (90 degrees today on the floor where we worked) to grow until the end of May when I can finally hang them outside my house and they have to adapt to the strong winds we get through here. Last summer we didn't have any of our plants do well as we really had no summer at all. This year the word is we're having a warmer one. 


Annesphamily said...

You are a busy lady! Your friend has a wonderful business. I love greenhouses and would love to own one. I am still thinking about your sewing ability! You are an amazing lady! Have a terrific Sunday! Anne

My Vintage Mending said...

In college the greenhouse was my favorite place. Probably why I graduated with a horticulture degree. I miss them desperately. You must have so much fun. I am doing the dreaded in and out hardening off right now. Our wind has just been horrible. Never understood why Chicago was the windy city? I hope you have better luck this summer. Enjoy the greenhouse for me...Renee

Miranda said...

A nice warm summer would be great.

It's great that you get to work with dirt and plants, there's nothing like it, greenhouse or no. I love hearing about this process of hardening off. I've never lived in an area where that is necessary. I have a lot to learn.

NanE said...

What a fun job Nan! I've seen pics of that purple and lime green petunia but haven't found them in any garden centers yet. Have a great week, Nan

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

What a great way to help a friend there! What beauty and "seeing the fruits" of your labor! Of course you see your fruits quite often with all of your talent in sewing, crafts, etc! I do like to see what you post next...

Stevie said...

So awesome of you to volunteer! I planted a peony bulb and well I'm crossing my fingers it grows. Gardening is something I need to work on! xo

vivian said...

i used to work in a green house years ago.. I loved this time of year because for easter it smelled sooo good with all the easter lillys and hyacinths! hmmm.. that makes me think, I should go buy some!
we cant put flowers outside til may either. maybe after mothers day.. It snowed here the last two days. ok.. enough of that already. Have you always lived in alaska? just wondering if you miss hot summers? though I do think that all the beauty that surrounds you makes upfor it.
have a wonderful Easter!!

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