Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthdays and Sewing

Kalen's Birthday
Kalen's birthday was Wed the 27th. He is 12 months.
 Halibut this time instead of doggie cupcakes. He shared with Pan, good boy. 
  You can see the expression here he is saying "They are so mean to make me wear this dumb hat" We are never at a loss as to what they are feeling as they show it in their faces. 
My latest sewing project for this week is a red satin Chinese blouse with an off the shoulder set in sleeve. Red loops are up at the neck binding (vintage stash @ $.19) and I have used tiny round vintage glass buttons of my Mom's, my Mom was born in 1899 a Victorian woman. I need to stop off at our one variety store and see if they have red lace binding for the sleeves and bottom edges, then I'm finished.


Vintage Girl said...

Nan, It's just beautiful!!! I love the top! Your piping look so professional and the buttons are lovely! These kinds of tops always look so elegant. Happy birthday to your baby! Oh, I have been looking for a pattern for you. I have a few in mind.

A Vintage Chic said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet pup, Nan!

Your blouse is exquisite! How wonderful that your mother was a Victorian woman...I'm sure you have the loveliest things belonging to glad you used her buttons on your blouse--makes it even more special!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!


Kath said...

My dogs refuse to wear hats,but your boy seems to put up with it!
Lovely blouse, perfect that you used your Mums buttons.

Debby said...

Beautiful top. Loved that those were your Mother's buttons. Love the color.
Yes, your baby looks a little miffed. Happy Birthday Big Boy.

dana said...

You are such an amazing seamstress, Nan!! I love all of your clothing projects you shared on your recent posts.

Happy BD to your pup....and so glad he shared his fish! :)

I enjoyed your comment about your bar stools on my post. On my USA Easter Quest, I did find toys in Barnes and Nobel packaged in eco. friendly wrap and telling us they were made from bamboo...but they were actually made in China....or maybe it was Mexico...but not in the USA. Grrrrrrr. We try, don't we?

Have a great weekend!!!


My Vintage Mending said...

I can't believe you sew on silk on purpose. Gifted! Love buttons for this reason...they can be used over and over and over. What a wonderful memory. What a sweet birthday pup...smiles...Renee

Sandy said...

Pretty top! Are you sure your Mother was born in 1890? She would have been 60 years old in 1950? My grandparents were born in the late 1890s.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday to Kalen! Have a nice weekend. Twyla

Stevie said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to your li'l guy! They are so cute.

I love your Chinese top. It is gorgeous! Oooh Victorian! And how special you used your Mom's buttons. I bet they're quite lovely! Have a wonderful weekend.

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