Friday, March 18, 2011

Work on the Guest Room in Progress

 Here is the new guest room that has been sheet rocked, mud, taped, textured and painted this week. The wall below that is being finished with pine. Bob added more after this photo was taken.
The 4th wall is white as I felt the blue there would pull the room in too much. Bob has window sills to make yet and the top of the wall has a shelf that must be covered in wood. The floor has the heat in it and we're going to put down some kind of flooring on top of the cement not sure what yet.
We moved the dog kennels into the new side and also set up the new kennel attaching it to the one we had. The sheet rock in this room is not high on our priority list as my craft room wall cabinets are next. 


Kath said...

Getting there Nan! I should love to see what is outside the patio doors? What will your guests look out on?

Debby said...

It looks good. I like the use of the wood.
Sorry my computer usually won't let me see your blog. Yours and a few others. Today must be my lucky day.
I do plan on getting "booked". I think it's a great idea.
Thanks for all your comments.

Jacqueline said...

stop this comment...look at Peter Pan in his hat! Did mama Nan make it? Oh, glory bee, that is way too cute for words!!!

Oh, there is my bedroom just waiting for me or perhaps the fairy cottage!

Sold, a fairy book yesterday of yours. Mailed off to Colorado to a fairy collector!

Love the shamrock too!

Miranda said...

It's looking great Nan. I can't wait to see what it looks like finished up. How exciting this must all be for you!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

That room is chugging right along..won't it be nice to have it all done and be moved in! SOON!

dana said...

Nan, you have been a busy gal! I just caught up on your recent posts!

Your house is coming along nicely! It's great that your hubby can do all of that work.

I enjoyed reading about the Iditarod Race....hadn't heard much about it here, but I find it very interesting since we visited Wasilla a couple of times. Who won the Iron Dog?

Your Easter creations are really sweet....and I love the vintage basket and bunny you got on etsy!

Have a great weekend.....we're watching lots of basketball (well, my hubby is). dana

Stevie said...

I love the wood around the room. DIY projects are my favorite! I'm slowly learning woodworking stuff! Last weekend I used a drill for the first time. I also spraypainted a picture frame and base wood for a coat hanger. ;0)

Sandy said...

I like the guest room and the room just for the doggies! That's nice to have a place to keep them while you are out and about. Plus they can see out the french doors. We're in Rehoboth Beach DE near to the ocean staying in a lovely hotel on the boardwalk. It was a beautiful day today...even after 8 PM it was 71 degrees out. It's just about a two hour drive from home from here. We'll drive back home tomorrow because it's dropping back to 55 degrees tomorrow.

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