Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Isn't this the sweetest! I just ordered this and a cute chick on Magpie Ethel's Etsy shop. You can find her in my right hand Blog roll.
*Today is Pan's 2nd birthday and we'll do a party this afternoon for him with his special doggie cupcakes, photos tomorrow.
This was a photo May 19th 09 a two week trip taken to visit friends & family but mainly to pick up Pan. Our son drove us to Northridge to receive him from the breeder who is only a phone call or e-mail away from me today. He didn't ride to my son's house in the crate, he rode on my lap and he's been dedicated to me ever since, he never lets me out of his sight and is the closest bonded dog I've ever had in all my years with Weims. I often wonder if this is because he's the first boy we've had? 
* Just a note about leaving comments. I have taken off the word verification so it's faster to leave me a comment. I become so frustrated with that myself at times after reading some of the gals are removing theirs I did so as well.


Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to such a handsome fella!!!

Sandy said...

WHat a great example of his breed!!!! Abbey is driving us nuts and is going into proffesional training....talk about a STUBBORN self willed breed! If my son didn't love her so much, she would be down the road for sure. This is his first dog of his own and he has at times wondered if he made the right choice....She will also be going up north this summer to a "training" camp, and where it is much cooler....he wants her to be all she can be, obdeience and hunting wise....Your boys always look so well behaved, but it is obvious you have time to give them their much needed exercise! Bryan takes Abbey to the dog park every night for 45 minutes and it still isn't enough....:) Any ideas????

gpc said...

Adorable photos. Pan was precious then and seems to have only gotten more so. I know people with a weim and would like to snatch him away from them. They seem like such sensitive souls, who shouldn't be in houses with constant raised voices -- but then, who should?

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Nan, and Pan,

Happy Birthday Pan! You're one lucky dog to have owners so awesome!

Love ya

deborah said...

Happy Birthday Pan - from Grandma Deb and brother Lance.

My Vintage Mending said...

That is the sweetest shade of gray velvet ever. This breed is just beautiful. I am so glad that you share them with us. We love our dogs and cat as much as a family member too! Happy Day Pan...Smiles...Renee

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday sweet Pan. I will never forget when I first saw him in the photo with his Peter Pan hat on. You should put it on your sidebar. I LOVE IT!
You asked if Elle is a Havaneese & yes, she is. Most people don't know what they are. Pretty rare. But, we have enjoyed her so. HUG Pan boy. I am off to see how your project is coming along.

Anonymous said...

hi, I just found your blog from
fun old hags blog.Its so fun to
see how you live. I am looking
forward to seeing more of your
string quilt. thanks for shareing
with all of us.

vivian said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful boy! I have parties for my kittys too! have a great day!

NanE said...

awww, Happy Birthday to Pan! Those are the cutest vintage goodies! Nan

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