Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trying to Sew Again

 Remember the Swing Dress I was going to make? Well I got really hung up on that. I think after not doing much sewing for myself in many years I needed to start with a less challenging item. I packed all that away and started on this top using a pattern which was clearly written. I had posted about this way back when I had the desire to wear top with a peplum. I will need to 'warm up' to sewing vintage. 
Top is lengthened by 1/2 inch as my torso is long.  
This material I've had in my stash for 15 years.  In fact I have a photo in black and white of myself at age 8 or 9 wearing this type fabric. My sister was 21 years older than me and no one in-between us. So she bought me many pretty dresses back in the 40's. This fabric has a metallic thread to it and there are two colors of thread so it reflects two shades, a blue and a mauve I would call it, or a deep rose.

As of Wednesday night this is how far I had gotten. Now I'm in a quandary not having the right buttons for this, going to check out Etsy. 


ImagiMeri said...

Good Morning Nan,

It's beautiful.....what lovely fabric. I bought some of the same fabric (only in green)so it had green and gold, and made pillows for my bed. You must model this piece when done. I can guarantee that we'll all want to see the finished product in use.


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan this is gorgeous. I would have never started this complex, however you clearly have more talent than me. This fabric is timeless. Does it not match your new glasses perfectly? Smiles...Renee

gpc said...

I love peplums, such a classy look. But still too hard for me to try! I can't wait to see it. Maybe you'll inspire me to move beyond pillowcases!

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Oh my--it is gorgeous!!! I'm seeing some awesome rhinestone vintage buttons on it!!!

How classy would that be with black velvet?

Loretta said...

Hi Nan; your new project looks very pretty indeed. Jackie from "Once Upon a Fairyland" said to come and check out your blog, which I love. I met her a few weeks ago in her darling shop in Lynden; I'm now vendor #48. I saw your cute dolls there; I've put some photos of my visit on my blog. Jackie is so sweet in person! It was great to meet a blogging friend for the first time. I live in beautiful British Columbia, right underneath you. Have a great day!

Sandy said...

That's quite lovely Nan! I use to love to sew clothes for myself when I was in college and first married and slim. Not so much now with all this extra weight on me.

GardenofDaisies said...

Gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see you in the finished product!

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