Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trip to the Beach

 Bob throwing a stick for the boys. It's freezing out here today at only 20 degrees with a wind.
Bob went in the water after the stick. Way too cold to have the dogs go in with the water being only 34 degrees.
 That's the Homer Bluff in the background where we live.
 The water was aqua blue with ice cubes!
 Ship in the bay along with lots of ice that washes up in the tide from a river at the head of the bay. We have huge tide variations here you knew that right? 
 Looking out to the bay from the Homer Spit
 My car on ice everywhere these days.
This is an oil tanker waiting several days in the bay for a pilot to come aboard and guide them up the Cook Inlet to take on a load of oil. They can't just go on up they must be guided so no accidents happen. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan it is so beautiful with all those blues lined up against the grey of the beach. I don't know if I would want to come inside. Gorgeous views thanks for sharing...Renee

A Vintage Chic said...

Gorgeous photos, Nan! I remember that beautiful blue color in the water when we were up amazing!

Hope your day is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! The dogs look like they are happy to have their coats on. Nan, once you showed a picture of a place in the mountain that as the snow melted it looked like a panda bear. I loved that and hope you can show it again!

Jacqueline said...

Nothing is hot in Alaska either...the wind yesterday was tremendous. I was just praying for my roof to stay on. My poor Misha doggie blew into the neighbors bushes...goodness.

Chilly and beautiful, the land that you love. Awesome photo shoot Nan!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

What beauty God has given Alaska. No wonder you "retired" there. I love seeing these pictures!

Peridots Garden Blog said...

How I love your blog! Your photos ignite memories of living in Alaska when I was a child.

Cook Inlet? Hooray Anchorage, AK!

There was a mountain possible a range that we called "Sleeping Beauty" it appeared to be a lady reclining on her back.

I do so miss the beauty of Alaska!



Sandy said...

You live in such a beautiful place!!!! I just can't get over how pretty it is no matter the season! Your boys look spiffy in their coats! I got one for Abbey and my son laughed, they use it when I am there at the house if it is cold! Otherwise, I think she is out of luck. LOL

Tracy Suzanne said...

My Goodness, the beauty of Alaska just never ends! The color of the water is just awe-inspiring. I never get tired of viewing your life and your beautiful start. It's so different from mine. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

OX's...Tracy :)

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