Friday, March 11, 2011

Party Hats by Nan & Felt Feathers Link

I took the shape off that paper party hat below and made the boys some really nice party hats out of felt. This is substantial wool felt of 1/4 inch thickness. No tutorial needed you can just look at them and see what I did. If you use thinner felt you must stuff the hats with batting and sew on a circular bottom to hold in the stuffing. These will stand alone quite well. 
This gal sells kits on her blog of PNG files using these images in scrap booking and such. I just thought they were are great idea and looked more like leaves to me. I used this idea for a card I made the other day.
The background is stamped in a glitter pattern. 


Kath said...

You are so creative Nan!
I look forward to when my house is not filled with dust and workmen, so that I can try some of the things you have shown.
Have a nice weekend, good luck with the sheet rocker next week!

gpc said...

You are the definition of creativity to me; you take simple things and make magic.

Stevie said...

I LOVE these! I love making things with felt, especially lambs and bunnies for Spring. Those hats and feathers are a must try! Awesome!!!

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