Sunday, March 6, 2011

Panda and Iditarod Start

Do you remember the Panda that visits Kachemak Bay every winter? I had a request to show him again. Took this just now kind of hazy on the ice fields back there but the panda does show up. If you can't see him let me know and I'll send you an outline of him.
The only way we get any Spring here is buy it in Safeway.
You may not hear much where you live but here in Alaska the Iditarod is big news and is starting today with the ceremonial start in Anchorage which is put on so folks can actually see some of the race, some lucky passengers paying to ride in the sled with the musher and team down the street. This young lady is racing this year along with 62 other men and women. I love her Boondock's sweet face. 
Name: Boondocks

Age: 2
Gender: Female
Weight: 34 pounds
Musher: Aliy Zirkle, Two Rivers
“Boondocks is the anomaly of a sled dog. She weighs 34 pounds, she is 2 years old and she has already finished one 1,000-mile race this year,” Zirkle said.
“She was officially the smallest dog on the Yukon Quest and she might be the smallest dog on Iditarod,” she said.
My favorite is Lance Mackey 4 time in a row winner going for five. I love what they say about Lance, he is so good with his dogs as everyone knows, saying his dogs would take him to the end of the earth if he asked them to. Others say Lance could take your team and beat his own dogs with them he's that skilled at what he does. The fact that he's a cancer survivor and never let that get him down makes him my favorite all the more. 

Lance and Handsome in 2008 after their win.


Kath said...

Lance has a very interesting face his bone structure reminds me of a Native American or an Inuit. Do you know about his heritage, it wold be interesting to know.

Mary said...

Thank you Nell! I can see the panda! That is amazing to me! I have always dreamed of living in Alaska, but my southern husband will not leave the flat lands lol!
Mary from Picayune, Mississippi

Miranda said...

I can see the panda! That is really fun.

Boondocks does look like such a sweet dog.

So how do you follow the Iditarod? We're a little out of the loop on local news these days. I lightly followed the Yukon Quest, but haven't paid any attention to the Iditarod yet. Thanks for reminding me!

My Vintage Mending said...

We have nothing in bloom either, here in Kansas. Just bitter cold. What a great name for a dog. Handsome he is. Smiles...Renee

Tracy Suzanne said...

Nan, how can a store have one in Alaska and have the nerve to tell you they won't ship there. That's just wrong!!! Sorry, you couldn't join in on the deal. Those daffodils are so pretty. I know you bought those but since you have cooler weather in the summer do things like that grow there at a later time of year or is it just impossible?

Okay am I the only one who can't see the panda? I' must not know where to look. I knew y'all probably have plenty of polar bears but panda's. I thought you had to go to China to find those.

Have a blessed week!!! Tracy:)

margit said...

Dear Nan, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm also a fan of the Iditarod!!!! And the Yukon Quest.
I follow both runs and my favorites are Hans Gatt (he is an Austrian !!) and Sebatian Schnuelle. But my bigest favorites are the sled dog.I have the greatest respect for them
and I love them.
I wish You a wonderful week and send you many greeting from Austria

Stevie said...

Amazing! I love going to the DC Zoo and visiting the Pandas. They are so gorgeous! The Daffodils are so lovely! The sled dogs are precious!

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