Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Next Project Jade Green Silk Jacket

Cutting the pattern again this time top B w/o the ruffles
 On a silk site I found information that washed cotton flannel can be used to line silk so I'm using that here. 
 All the facings had to have the bulk trimmed out of them. 
The top so far. It gave me fits getting the first facing on matching seams and notches, had to make some adjustments to get it all to fit. Next is the under collar, and then the facing that is lined with the flannel goes on top of these facing and turned to the inside. 

 Two jackets of the same pattern by Qwik Sew. I'm browsing the net for more patterns. The top view could be made out of interesting quilting type fabrics don't you think. 
I kind of like these but I have a pattern very similar below I'm interested in. 
I also like that view D with the 3/4 sleeves and Chinese neckline. One thing about this top it's closed with hook and eyes which I don't like so when I saw the red top above I could use that instead don't you think, a button with a fabric loop. 
*All is white @ 9:30 pm Monday we had an inch of snow come down this evening. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Oh I love it. What a great color. You work fast. I am awful with those extra steps. I grow bored quickly. Makes me just want to finish and move on. I love the collar to, very modern. Can't wait to see it finished. Smiles...Renee

Jane said...

Looks like a beautiful jacket is emerging there! Love the color! I used to sew, but haven't for years. Maybe you'll inspire me to take it up again!

Sandy said...

Good Luck with your new jacket. I'm sure it will look as beautiful as the last one. I like the red jacket and agree it's closure is nicer than just a hook and eye.

We have repairmen/painters coming tomorrow to fix some drywall in our guest bathroom and paint. Hope they are all done by Friday.

Sorry to hear you are STILL having snow! It's 53 here and sunny but we have four days of rain coming starting tomorrow.

Paula Gonzales Rohrbacher said...

Hooray! Another Alaskan blogger! I loved this post - such a beautiful color!

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