Saturday, March 5, 2011

My String Quilt

Update on my string quilt. 
I have 50 blocks now made but need probably about 80 of them for a quilt. They are 8" blocks. I thought I would post how this is made in case you have a lot of scraps as that is what you use. Cut yourself a bunch of strings and decide what color foundation block you want to use. Also decide what size the block should be as there are no rules on size with this quilt. My stings are 1.2" to 2" wide. 
 Step one you put a ruler corner to corner diagonal finding the center then put a mark one inch on either side of the center. This is where you start to sew your strings and the only mark you need. 

First string lying on the mark you stitch 1/4 inch down this string. Then you press the string over to the right. 

Next string same thing stitch down 1/4 inch and press to the right until you have the below.

 This is how the block looks before I flip it over and trim all the edges off.
As you can see the center of the block is left open so that is used as part of the design when you sew all the blocks together. I have a large piece of periwinkle blue cashmere wool which I have been wanting to use for a quilt backing. No batting would be necessary. 
Here is Pan wearing the wool and that is pretty much the color there I have captured. It's really hard to photograph as it looks lighter than it is. I have 3 1/8th yards of 60 inch wool. I got a real steal on this a long time ago on 


gpc said...

I love it! I am NOT a quilter, but I've been looking for a quilt pattern that I could do a little at a time and not stress over having to have everything exactly right. This looks ideal! I hope you'll also show how you join the squares when it's time to do that.

margit said...

hi nan,
this quilt ist sooo beautiful!
greetings from austria

Diane Mars said...

Beautiful, the patience you must have for that kind of work is just amazing! Love it!

vivian said...

I admire Quilters. I like projects i can start and finish in a day! I have a beautiful quilt started that I will most likely never finish. I wish I could inspired like that !!
I have to tell you again that I LOVE your dogs!
happy sunday

Kath said...

My friend Silve has made several string quilts, we used to have fun deciding in which direction the strings would lie.
I am looking forward to seeing this work progress.

katie jean said...

Nan I am loving your blog! Such beautiful pictures of your home in Alaska, and two beautiful dogs too! I have done a few string quilts before. They are a fun and easy way for me to use my ton of scraps. But I do really love seeing the black fabric. It gives the surrounding fabric a great added pow! Thanks for such fun inspiration :)

Stevie said...

Beautiful quilt! And it looks like I could make it?! I am getting a good bit of fabric scraps, I'm going to have to save them and give this a try! Thank you!

jimtown said...

Interesting method! I used a paper foundation on 6.5" blocks, which sewed up pretty and uses up some of my tiniest saved scraps. I only have eight made so far and I see the paper pulls my stitches out. Maybe I'll leave it on or start over!

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