Sunday, March 20, 2011

Momma and baby Panda off my Deck

China Poot between the trees with Doroshin Glacier to the right. 
I have in the past introduced you to the Panda on the mountain in the top photo. (You should enlarge these both to get a better view.) The bottom photo is the Baby Panda! Can you see him right smack in the middle to the left of that tree? Yes I bet you didn't know we had a baby Panda hanging out in our mountains too. Photos taken 3-18 @ 6:40 am. by Nan from my deck


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan when I was growing up we lived on a huge lake in Houston, Texas. Anytime we took pictures we would go out back of the house and take them with the lake as the back drop. To this date most of those pictures look like postcards because of the view and how picturesque. Of course, my dad moved up and we moved on. The view was never forgotten and longed for. Your view is breathtaking. Both pandas are such a treat. Must be magical to wake up to in the morning...Renee

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh wow! Yes I do see the panda!! Your scenery is out of this world!!!

Lallee said...

I see, I see! Nan, your photos capture a beautiful scene.

Mary said...

Nan...I now know about the pandas in Alaska. I was extrememly confused. I had enlarged the photos and looked at them, well... I won't EVEN tell you how many times I looked at them. I even "thought" I saw a baby panda to the left in the small tree. My hubby was home one afternoon,I asked him to come look at some photos ( yours). I told him you had posted some with pandas. He laughed and said there are no pandas in Alaska. I looked at him and said "Nan would not lie!". We sat down I enlarged the pictures. He instantly said "I see the pandas". I asked where. He said they're on the mountain. I told him but I think one is in the tree. He laughed and said "No, they're both on the mountian" FINALLY I understood and saw the pandas LOL So indeed there are pandas in Alaska! (mind you I was looking for furry ones)

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