Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Junked-up Property no more ? I don't think so

Homer residents blast plan to restrict junked-up property

"People who have junk in their yards are going to be our heroes" as scrap metal grows in value, one Homer resident told the City Council on Monday as it considered an ordinance that would put restrictions on how much "trash or treasure" people can leave lying around in their yards. The Homer Tribune reports dozens of self-described "recyclers" spoke in opposition to the plan, while not a single person spoke in favor of it.
"This ordinance is trying to standardize Alaskans and it's just going to cost us more money. If you've been here a long time, you have fishing boats and certain things. This harasses Alaskans," Nancy Hillstrand said.

The notion of recycling as a value, in a day when landfills are overfilled and facing closure, means the equipment people keep in their yards has worth, said resident Dean Ravin. ..."We're trying to not be a throw-away society," Ravin said.

Lifelong Homer residents Otto Kilcher and Patrick Lane testified that Homer may be trying to be pristine to attract a wealthy retirement-age population, but that drives out locals and makes it difficult for young people to afford to live here.

"Those of you who came here probably came to get away from America as it was," said Kilcher, who has a machine shop where equipment is stored outside. "Mechanics, fishermen, slimy and smelly as they are, they are the ones who actually produce something. They are the people who actually do stuff besides push paper."

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Kath said...

What an interesting concept, trying to get people to smarten up a nighbourhood, where they are probably quite happy with it, the way it is. What do you make of it all Nan?

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