Saturday, March 12, 2011

Iditarod update

Photo by Bill Hallinen taken in a small village with 40 people called Takotna the Iditarod goes through. We've been having the northern lights here in Homer too the last few nights. I'm not good at photographing them however. 
Lance Mackey on the trail today taken from the website. He is down to 9 dogs and chasing the leader like a fox on a rabbit he says. Dogs in this years race have been getting sick and several have been dropping them out. 
Here is musher Scott Jenssen spreading hay for his dogs to lie down in in the town of Takotna. So much goes on behind the scenes in this race getting all these supplies flown into all these remote areas as this race lasts a week. A bale of straw here in Homer Alaska runs about 18 dollars a bale which I'm sure you probably pay a dollar for. A ton of alfalfa here runs $900. Makes you think twice on trying to keep a horse here doesn't it. Well our horsey days are long gone. Gas prices here are well over 4.00 now. I only fill up every 3 weeks so I don't pay that much attention to it but passing by today it looked like 4.19 but I'm getting new glasses lol.


vivian said...

ONe time I saw the northern lights (In a much duller form then what youre showing here!) on my way home from shopping one night and really had no clue what they were.. I thought we were being invaded! I did seriously got a little spooked,
I was hoping that they were the nothern lights other wise I might have taken off to head for the hills to hide! lol!!
You live in a beautiful world.
LOVe the party hats below too!

Kath said...

Those lights are just amazing!

My Vintage Mending said...

We were hoping to see these when we went to Minnesota, but we didn't. These are gorgeous. Why are the dogs getting sick? How many more days do they have? Gas is high here and we have to fill up about every 2 weeks if we are lucky. Drill baby drill! Smiles...Renee

gpc said...

Our gas is nearly $4 now, I imagine it's only going to get worse for all of us. Those mushers are amazing, I don't know how they or their dogs do it, but they sure seems to love it. I desperately want to see the lights - really see them, as you do there, not the watered down version we sometimes get here!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the update on the race. That's not good news that the dogs are getting sick. I wonder can Lance win with just nine dogs? Are they allowed to replace dogs that get sick? The photo of the northern lights is stunning. We saw the northern lights once many, many years ago when we were in Canada.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...


Stevie said...

Wow, that is an amazing shot of the Northern Lights! The pic. of the sled dogs/racer is beautiful. Whew, hay is expensive up there! Stay warm!!! xo

Beth said...

That is a stunning photo of the northern lights, Nan! Thanks for sharing your photo.
Blessings, Beth

David T. Macknet said...

Love that shot of the northern lights!

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