Monday, March 28, 2011

The Finished Top and Next Project

This close up taken in the mirror so you have that reflection there sorry.
I wore the finished outfit to church Sunday. The close up shows the vintage glass cut buttons of my Mom's I ended up using. I have on a long black velveteen skirt and turtle neck. The sleeves on the top are 3/4 and the turtleneck sleeves are long but somehow I thought they worked peeking out. Anyway I'm very happy with this.  I plan to start another sewing project for myself. I'm thinking to make this top again w/o the ruffle look but the plainer and also make it a whole size smaller, this is a bit too roomy on me but still works. Below are some fabrics in my stash. I love natural fabrics like silk, wool, cotton, and linen. 
This fabric is raw silk. What is that?
 This means that the sericin, which is a substance made from the silk moth that works as a natural protecting layer around the silk thread, has not been taken away. For other silk fabrics this has been washed away in a specific procedure.
The reason why raw silk fabric has a completely different texture than other silk fabrics is that it has not been degummed.
The jade green on the right would be for lining.  
(Enlarge and see the pattern) 
As you can see I'm not afraid to wear color !
The rose or magenta color raw silk here is also a possibility.
Here are two more silks and possibilities. The silk on the left has a red and gold thread and is called a jacquard. The one on the right is dupioni silk in 'blue ruby' 3 yards of that.  That bottom pattern is vintage. It's too baggy so I would have to take it down some. I'm not into wearing baggy clothes these days. 
*Later...I'm cutting out the green jacket/top in the same pattern as before.


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan that is stunning. I love the color and the details. I am a 3/4 length girl. I cannot wait to see what you make with the other gorgeous silk. It always sews so beautifully. Easy on the needles! Smiles...Renee

A Vintage Chic said...

You look gorgeous, Nan! LOVE that jacket & the fabric is perfect! Love the other colors you'll be using next--what a fabulous pattern!

Hope you're having a wonderful day, my friend!


gpc said...

The jacket is beautiful and the outfit is perfect! I love raw silk, I first saw it when I embroidered altar cloths for my church (in another time and another neighborhood). Can't wait to see the next jacket!

Vintage Girl said...

Nan, this is so pretty. I love 3/4 sleeves. This color is gorgeous! I love the buttons too, vintage buttons just have a look to them that stand out and makes a garment special looking. Great job!

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Nan,

Stunning, just stunning....oh and the jacket is lovely, too! The whole outfit together is very chic. Your other fabrics are equally drool worthy! Awesome job missy.


Mary said...

You are an excellent seamstress!

Sandy said...

I love your jacket Nan! It looks lovely on are so tiny. I've never sewn with silk. Probably was too expensive when I was sewing up a storm when I was young. Your fabrics are beautiful and I look forward to seeing what you make next. It's only 31 degrees here this morning. What happened to spring? At least the sun is shining. Have a lovely day.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your jacket turned out beautifully and I love the total outfit with the black. You have a good eye for colors that look great with your coloring. I'll be watching for your next creation!

Shelley said...

Very have some wonderful sewing skills...blessings on your week.

GardenofDaisies said...

Nan, your jacket looks gorgeous on you!! Or maybe I should say YOU look gorgeous wearing that jacket! You have chosen such pretty fabrics! I love dupioni silks. We used to make our daughters dance costumes from that. (embellished with all sorts of flashy, glittery stuff of course.)

Kath said...

All those colours are very "you". You did a fab job on that outfit, well done!

Sandy said...

Don't you look cute sporting your new jacket! SWEET! So fresh with the ruffles. I'm loving it and such a beautiful color. Can't wait to see the next item you share. Have a wonderful week.
xoso Sandy O

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

You do look GREAT!!! I just think it is fantastic how you can do something like that!

Sandy said...

Beautiful!!!! You are quite the seamstress! You are looking thinnner all the time, I thought you were done losing weight! :) I can't wait to see that lovely aqua-blue jacket! :)

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, well done. Looks like a designer jacket!! Clarice

E said...

Nan Love your jacket, that pattern is great, looks so nice on you !

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Oh-- it looks stunning!! I love it with the velvet and the vintage buttons are perfect!

Stevie said...

So gorgeous!!! Your sewing skills absolutely amaze me! ...and your quilting skills I might add! ;0)

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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