Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coffee Bar and Case of the Missing Roller

This is what we saw Tuesday morning. We had 2 inches of snow. I'm having coffee at the bar. I also put plant starters here. Oh I found the nicest bar stools (I hope). They are Green and come from SF, CA. A small shop that sells beds and some furniture here can order them for me out of a catalogue so I'm looking forward to getting that shipment. 
Progress on the top Tuesday.
The case of the missing roller.
My dart marker used for sewing. I could not find the one I had from 1967, the tracing paper was still there, the same paper I have used all those years never needing to replace.
 I looked for my wheel all over and finally found it. In the meantime I bought this made in China replacement you see at the top, a really crappy cheap thing it is too compared to my old one probably made in the USA. It wasn't marked but most things were in those days. 

Sleeves going in tomorrow and then I have to design the lining as it is not in the pattern. 


gpc said...

Wow, a blast from the past -- I wonder where my old dart marker is? It was also sturdy with a wooden handle. I haven't marked a pattern in that many years. But I hope I still have it!

Debby said...

You are a real seamstress. Loved the other dress and this jacket is smashing.
I think I have some of those markers somewhere.
Love that coffee bar.

Paula Gonzales Rohrbacher said...

The jacket looks great as a vest, too! The handle of the old dart marker looks like celluloid. This is a real treasure!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad you liked the shout out.

Diane Mars said...

nan, That is just the sweetest thing what a lovely comment, I am teary eyed just typing this to you... I do think our economy has taken a big crunch out of the spending we all would love to do and with gas prices at $4.00 a gallon for regular unleaded.. but I feel funny complaining to you after hearing just how much your utilities are in Alaska. When I read that post of yours I was shocked!! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment it is really good to hear what others take is on the whole thing, and thanks for your purchase. oxox, Diane

katie jean said...

Your dart marker is actually beautiful! Such a pretty handle :) Mine is of course like the cheap handled one.
Enjoy getting your shipment of chairs! I bet that will be fun.

Stevie said...

Such a gorgeous silk jacket! We woke up Wednesday with snow, this weather is enjoying doing tricks! xo

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