Saturday, February 26, 2011

Surfing in Kachemak Bay

Surfing in Kachemak Bay? Yes they do ! Thought you might like to check out the website which I enjoy for the beautiful photography. You can see what they wear when surfing and watch a short video of surfing right here in our bay. 
Surf Alaska was founded by Scott Dickerson – A photographer who found himself in an icy cold battle between a passion for picture making and stoke for surfing. In an effort to make peace he launched a website called Surf Alaska so that these interests could work together but maintain their independence.


dana said...

Brrrrrrr.....that looks so cold! There's no way I could do that! Heck, I'm not taking this winter in our parts very well this year, so no way does surfing in Kachemak Bay sound enticing! However, I think it's great that others enjoy that beautiful area like that.

Looks like your hubby is still working hard on your house. The spare room in your lower level will be wonderful.

We're supposed to have more rain and SNOW this weekend. Can you hear me whine?

Have a great Saturday!!! dana

My Vintage Mending said...

I can't even fathom. Good stuff. I'll get my adrenaline rush from thrift stores thank you. Leave the hard stuff to the athletes. Smiles...Renee

Canyon Girl said...

From the Iron Dog race to surfing is quite a leap. Thanks for this great info. about what is going on in Alaska.--Inger

Tracy Suzanne said...

Geez and I hate to go in the ocean here in North Florida before July. Beautiful scenery and I had no clue that people surfed in Alaska.

Thanks for letting me know about the pics not showing up on my post. I went back and just changed it to the old fashioned route.

Hugs....Tacy :)

Stevie said...

Wow, I had no idea they could surf up there. It's not too cold? Or do they have special suits? Amazing.

I love your countertop and the view is perfect! Take care!!!

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