Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re Purposing

I was just reviewing some blogs in my favorites. I haven't been to Just Something I made in a long time. You should see what Cathe makes with old T-shirts. I was blown away by her color combinations picked for this project.

Visit Cathe above and take a look at her neat tutorial on how to make these scarves. I want to try one but will have to start saving up old T's from the two thrift stores in town as I don't have that many anymore. I constantly weed out my clothing and move it on out. 


MJ said...

What a neat idea with old T's. I remember when Dean and Karen were younger I would take their favorite ones that they outgrew, sew the necks and arms shut, then stuff them and sew the bottoms shut and they had pillows that they just loved. They would use them while they were watching TV or reading books or just plain laying around.


YES! I would have to do the some new old shirts to do this fabulously inspirational project!

what a fashion statement! I love it!
I think what I'll do, is just save my shirts from this day forward, and when I've enough, I will make something out of them!

thanks for sharing this!

and for your sweet visit and comment the other day!

ciao bella

Creative CArmelinA

Homer said...

The scarves are so creative and booti-ful! Love 'em!


Creative Breathing said...

Hi Nan! Thank you so much for sharing this scarf! My daughter has quite a collection of t-shirts and always wears scarves. Combine the two, and a drawer full put to use! I can't wait to show her. I loved the photo of you in the mop hat. LOL! I have an unusually large head and envy anyone who can wear a hat! Elizabeth

gpc said...

I was just cleaning out my closet and wondering what to do with the tees (which are ALL I wear) that are too good to through away but not good enough to give away! Perfect!

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