Friday, February 25, 2011

Lower Level Work

Here is our guest bedroom on the lower level. Bob was working in there this week putting up recycled ceiling pine on the lower walls. The top wall will be sheet rock and I had a notion to paint it a color like this blue you see below here. What do you think too much? 
See that fencing behind the boys? That came on Wed from the fence company I use in Palmer. Kalen is in a borrowed pen and has outgrown it so I bought more parts to attach to Pan's pen. I called Mon. and ordered and it was trucked here by Wed. Bob and I pulled it down the long driveway as the truck driver could not go down our icy drive. The pens are used when we must leave the dogs alone here.

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My Vintage Mending said...

I do like the white and the blue mix. Maybe one wall for accent. Just a great color. Go with your gut. Its only paint. Weims look really excited about the fencing! Hah! Smiles...Renee

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