Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fuel for the Iron Dog

Took this off the Iron Dog page about the fuel. You know there are no gas stations out there so all this fuel has to be flown in and a lot they use below. 

*News of the race so far 2-23. 10K was awarded to team leaders Dusty and Marc, second place 3 minutes back were Todd Palin former First Dude and his partner Eric who picked up $3,000, third place gets $2,000. This is money for the first teams to arrive at the halfway point. There is a layover now until Thurs when they start on the second half to Fairbanks. Twenty teams remain in the race. 
NAC (Northern Air Cargo) has a tagline of “Teamwork that delivers” and the Iron Dog could not be more grateful for their amazing support that keeps all OUR teams on the go.
Heavy Lifting
NAC has been an incredible partner of the Iron Dog since its very first race in 1984, nearly half of NAC’s time in business…talk about dedication! Beyond their long history of support for the race, we’d like to recognize the amazing effort and backing they’ve shown us in 2011. One of the most critical supplies for a race is fuel. Moving large quantities of gasoline to remote areas is a logistical challenge and NAC is the first carrier that makes it possible for us to economically deliver fuel to our most remote checkpoints. NAC delivered about 2,400 gallons (more than 14,000 lbs.) of fuel to McGrath this year – that is some heavy lifting!


Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Wow, we sure take things for granted down here, even with fuel prices going up! That is very cool though on how they do that. I am enJOYing these tidbits about Alaska!

Jacqueline said...

Were you a travel agent in another life? Or a tour guide at the very least? You are very very good at it!

In the middle of ice and cold and the threat of snow...the store did well today! Yipeeee!

Charlene said...

Hey sweet friend. I have been tied up & spinning in circles & missed my blog hops. So, I came to visit. Love the story on the race & the photos of "the first dude". I really like both of the Palin's & wish them well. And that list of 10 things your dog wants you to know made me have tears. Your new work space looks amazing. Thanks for sharing so much with us. HUGS!

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