Monday, February 14, 2011

From the Nan box & a Valentine

This is just a little Valentine tag I made up using an image from our church Valentine Banquet that was on all the tables. I glittered the heart and on the back a sweet little red cheeked girl from The Paper Collector where I find a lot of darling images to use. The Valentine playing card too came from a place I've found to buy the sweetest little tags Pretty Little Studio !
This sweet little hat is from my friend. What do you think it is? Not a mob hat too fancy for that. It's make out of pink silk and has really old lace and trim, just beautiful. Maybe from the 20's do you think?
 I put it on to show you the shape. The back has two silk short tails, I couldn't take a photo of the back of my head! 


ImagiMeri said...

As gorgeous as the lady wearing it! Happy Valentine's Day. Your package is on it's way today!


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, can you just imagine the cost involved in making such a piece at the time. Gorgeous. Happy V Day. Love seeing all your tags! Smiles

dana said...

I loved your tags, Nan, and I have to say I ADORE your card that you sent to Elizabeth!!! It was wonderful.'re looking mighty fine in that vintage hat!!

I also enjoyed your post about the special license plate! The first time I visited Alaska, my hubby took my daughter and I to see the place where the Iditarod starts...where they also have the sled dogs and the darling pups. It was really interesting.

Hope you are having a great Valentine's Day!!


MJ said...

It almost reminds me of the sleep caps they used to wear.

Canyon Girl said...

Very pretty, both you and the hat. And how it suits you. Happy Valentine! Inger

A Vintage Chic said...

What a beautiful hat, Nan! Your look just gorgeous in it! I would definitely say it's from the '20's.

Thanks for the info on the Poppy book--what a find!

LOVE your new blog header, by the way--vintage & wonderful!

Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day, my friend!


Diane Mars said...

Happy Valentines Day Nan~ Thanks for your sweet comment, I cannot wait to see your" Peeps In An Egg"
they sure were fun to do I am selling in few in my Etsy Shop, and I will be making some for the Grands. When our Amelie stopped by to see Gramma and Grandpa she b-lined right over to the few I had sitting on my hutch..
I will be back tomorrow! Hugs, from Diane in California

margit said...

hi Nan,
I fount your blog via meri'S blog.
your sites are very interesting and also cute!
I read a lot about alaska, but my favorite country is canada!!! I'll com again soon...
greeting from Austria

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