Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicks and Boys

 Diane over on Saturday Finds saw something like this on Ebay and decided to make her own. I'm following her tutorial here. I had no poker chips so I painted large buttons for the bottom. I love how cute they came out, thanks Diane. Check out Diane's Blog for a great tutorial she wrote on how to make these. 
The boys are mirror images of each other did you notice that? Their eyes are always right on me to see what happens next as they want to be in on whatever it is. 
*Remember the cut near Pan's eye (dog on right)? You can see if you enlarge it's a pink scar now but I think this will in time get hair growing over it. 


Lallee said...

I love the expressions on the boys. Do people always ask how you tell them apart? We get asked that all the time about our Scotties. Of course, we can tell them apart. Why can't they? ;-)

Sandy said...

I love Diane's Saturday Finds blog! Gosh, those boys are twins, I swear! You can't get away with anything with them always watching. Our German Shepard could hear me open any snack bag...I tried to sneak in the kitchen to get a snack (so I wouldn't have to share) but he always caught me.

Diane Mars said...

They turned out great! I love that you too used just what you had on hand... no need to keep spending money on supplies when we all have so much right in our own Studio Stash.. Oh and the Boys are just the cutest ever~ Hugs and love from Diane in California

Kath said...

peopl say they cannot tell my dogs apart, although they are very different. Do they tell you the same about your dogs too?

Charlene said...

Nan, I can NOT believe how much the boys have grown. They do look alike!!!! OH MY! How can you tell them apart?

Love it that you & Hubby are coming up on 50 years. We child brides have stories don't we! Well, all of us do I'm sure. Hope you are staying warm. Your little chicks in the last post are really cute. HUGS!

Stevie said...

Your boys are so handsome! I love all the pics you post of them!

Those chicks are soo cute! Love the colors!

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