Monday, January 31, 2011

Utility Costs Here

Photo from Flickr by Sue Frause
We've had this in-floor propane heat long enough now to know the costs. It would choke a horse. We have a lot of square footage we are heating with the new addition and also the garage which is quite large and must be heated. Why? Because it has a cement floor and if left unheated it will heave and crack with the ground freezing here 3-5 foot down. There is NO permafrost in this part of Alaska as we are Maritime Climate. But the ground does freeze in the winter and thaws out starting in late May. Propane is running 3.15 a gallon here but this changes almost daily. We are all propane and electric. We run the wood stove all the time too to try and keep the propane consumption down. This didn't seem to matter in 32 days Dec to Jan, the cost was $975. for propane and $178. for electrical. * I switched propane companies last year because the one I was using was up to 5.00 a gallon for propane. *Don't even get me started on the native villages out there and what they pay for fuel, last I heard it was 8 dollars a gallon. It takes a lot of resource to get the fuel way out there too so one must consider those costs are not going to be cheap!


ImagiMeri said...

Hey Girlfriend,

Sounds like you need to tap into those pipelines running through your state. I don't think anyone would notice a little re-route going to your home....;o)

Love ya'

DeanO said...

heating's expensive everywhere. My wife and I have decided that several layers of clothing is not as bad as a 500.00 heating bill. "Cratchet...what are these garments I'm wearing?" I hope your cement floor does not crack

Debby said...

Wowzooie....that is a heating bill. You probably don't use
A/C in the summer. That might help a bit. I think I would pass out if it cost us that much in a week.

Lallee said...

Wow and ouch to the budget! My son just moved out of a home that used propane. It would sink his whole budget when the company came to refill the tank.

Dapoppins said...

What a huge cost of living...! Tell me there are other low costs that might even things out??

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