Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Swing Dress Sew Along

Casey's Musings  Is a blog I recently found of a young lady who is a skilled sewer of vintage patterns. She is having a sew along for a Swing Dress which looks 40's to me. I can picture women dancing with GI's in WW2 in this dress. I ordered the pattern and will try this sew along. That's Casey in the middle in the red dress we will make. Want to join in too ? Check out Casey's link above. 


Linda Ruthie said...

I can't wait to see your finished Swing Dress Nan. The '30s, '40s and '50s are my favorite fashion era.

Creative Breathing said...

Nan, I am so curious if you are able to achieve the look you want with today's fabrics. They used so much rayon in those days which just floated. This is such a lovely dress, just imagine where someone would have worn the long version. I can't wait to see your outcome! Elizabeth

NanE said...

Oh yes, can't you see them at the USO club, hair perfectly coiffed. Swing dancing with a sailor or soldier. Love it!

vivian said...

love the style of those dresses. If i were much thinner, I would love to wear one like the forth pic! cant wait to see how yours turns out.

Jacqueline said...

Hello up there...from way down here! Thinking of you this morning. I got your emails and have so much to chat with you about but I'll have to pass on the sewing dress...I'm lost when it comes to the word SEW. However, you and I can talk gnomes and fairies and dogs all day long!

I will be featuring you and your sweet homemade gifts to me soon.

I am on day 4 of eating healthy and well. I gained a couple of pounds which I don't understand. I've had very little sugar of any kind. It would be nice to loose weight but it is not my main mission. My mission is to eat healthy and do my body good. One thing I noticed, I have more energy. I want to go out and walk but I need to buy a huge umbrella...pouring down rain and some snow and ice and hail...wild weather in Washington for sure.

Off to work at that famous craft store although now I'm doing the books for them. Gnomes came into Michaels!!!

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