Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Projects Past and Future

A couple years ago I made the cutest felt pockets with this Valentine. I printed the image off on those good linen sheets, it was quite small about 2 inches across. I blanket stitched red thread on the sides and bottom leaving the scooped top section open to put candy in. It came out so darn cute. I didn't keep any of them as they were gifts to show you. I know I have a digital somewhere?
My Swing Dress pattern came yesterday for the sew along and I will start later when I get back from the gym and lunch at the Senior to trace out my size pattern. The pattern comes printed on heavy paper with all the sizes. I tape the pattern up to one of the big windows and trace using thin paper like tissue. 
(Above photo from the blog of Casey who is doing the sew along isn't she the sweetest little thing!)
*Speaking of windows*
I had a question on our big windows and Cookie's in her cabin don't we use thermal shades on them? No we don't the windows are double paned and we use them for solar gain but at night and when there is no sun and like this morning (just snapped this shot) we have snow I have shades that can be pulled down. These are like sunglasses for windows they maintain the view but block the sun and some of the cold that comes off the windows. Now I ask you in a place like we live with a million dollar view would you cover that up? Of course not that is why everyone is here for this fantastic view we have in Kachemak Bay. We also have vaulted ceilings, two in the house and the cottage as well. This helps a lot with cabin fever. Imagine a low ceilinged cabin with tiny windows all winter, I don't think so. 


Connie,Barry said...

Nan, thanks for explaining about the windows & window coverings. I was the one that mentioned it. We don't have a million dollar view where we live in PA but in DE we sure do. We have no window coverings on our big windows there and you're right, you don't want to cover up a millon dollar view! You are so lucky to look out your windows and see "spectacular" everyday!

Canyon Girl said...

I wish I had windows for cold weather and sun shade. I don't understand why there are only single paned windows here and so cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Probably lack of funds or lack of foresight when the house was built. Other than that little rant, I love how creative you are and how much you know how to do.--Inger

Stevie said...

I love your vintage valentine! Making li'l pockets is a genius idea and a gift one would treasure for years to come!
I certainly wouldn't want curtains covering such a priceless view! I could sit by that window all day. Gorgeous.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Good morning, Nan! Oh, I made a card with that image last year! I probably got it from you! ;) I've never printed on fabric before. Maybe that's something I'll try this year!

We get SOME new windows at the end of the month. I'm so excited! These old farm windows are so quaint but also so useless! ♥

MJ said...

It would be a crime to cover up a view like that. If I were to have drapes there, I would only have them on each side of the windows on the wall just to frame in the windows but not able to close them and close off that view. I have seen that done in some places because people like to have something to break up the bare wall----but with a view like that I don't think anybody would even notice the wall.

Jacqueline said...

The beauty of your blog is that you give us that million dollar view everyday. I love where you live and I think it is darn right awesome and majestic! What other dad would have said, God's Country!

Oh thank heavens for Nan and her tomatoe soup! I have fallen in love with the tomatoe basil soup that Progresso makes and it has too much salt. Homemade is better and now you have the answer. I plan to try it this weekend for sure.

Okay'll find yourself in a restaurant with Fran...wink!!! Come see what YOU have been up to!

Sent you the info yesterday and gave you vendor #10. Everything is falling into place in such an amazing way. I feel so blessed that my prayer has been answered. I do believe that God knows the desires of our heart and who and what we need in our lives. I count you in those prayers answered.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Nan! Just stopped by to see how your doing. Can't wait to see your new dress. I really need to get started sewing again. That card is so cute. I'd love to see the felt pocket you made. Hope you find the pic.

Have a fun weekend...Tracy :)

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