Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Water

It's 30 degrees, winds blowing at around 10 am here, dogs out the basement door weather does not bother them at all.
 Here is our water in the basement next to all the plumbing our plumber installed to run the floor heat off our 40 gallon  propane water tank. No water in this area of Homer which is very common. Why? Lots of ground water yes but it contains tannins which is created from rotting vegetation. Mosquito's do not like tannins by the way so we have almost none of them here. Some people do have success with wells but most opt to have water delivered by truck to their cisterns. We get our delivery every other week by truck, our tank is 1500 gallons. The thing is I've never figured up what it costs per month. Water is 5 cents a gallon I can tell you that and when the water truck comes there is always a few hundred gallons left in the bottom. 
Lots of folks farther out the road have to haul their own water as the trucks only go so far out. Terrible road conditions on side roads wait for these drivers and they just can't take a chance with large heavy trucks. If we're icy here our long drive is sanded by our guy who plows for us. Photo above is Bob's work on the molding for the upstairs rooms some of which should go down today. 


DeanO said...

Nan - I had no idea and I've never seen a water tank down stairs. .05 a gallon...WOW I always learn something new about Alaska from your blog. It's almost 50 here in GA and I'm thinking it's cold. I think I've forgotten how it was growing up in AK. said...

I don't understand. Why do you have to buy water for all household purposes? Seems you would just need to buy drinking water if your well water has tannins. I had never heard about tannins in water before. I learn so much from you. Thanks : )

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

That's one HUGE water tank Nan. Jeff and I were so amazed when you and Bob said you had your water delivered when we visited.

We love our new tankless water heater. It is working great.

I had been unhappy with our shower for several years going so far as to complain that our shower in our RV was better. Finally Jeff mentioned that the shower head was 15 years old and probably the holes were stopped up. He was right I looked one day and water only came out of less than half the holes. Needless to say we bought a new shower head immediately and Jeff installed it. It is wonderful! We had never replaced one before and I just never thought of it. Such a simple solution. LOL!

dana said...

I didn't know about the water issue in your part of Alaska! You are a wealth of information! Sure hope you don't spring a leak in that enormous water container in your basement! :)

Love seeing your sweet doggies curled up in your bed! They are beautiful!

Hope all is well! dana

PS We're supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow....then the bottom falls out again as we hit the weekend and first of next week. I am determined to get outside tomorrow and soak up the warmth and sun!!

Debby said...

I have never seen a water tank like that either. I just assumed you had water sources like a well or something. I'm glad that the truck can make it to you. It sounds like you are having a mild winter.

Connie,Barry said...

Wow, that is very interesting about the water. I never saw such a huge tank! Thanks for posting this. Like others have said - we learn so much from your blog.

Love your dog pictures - they are adorable - the one where they're in bed is sooo cute!

Stevie said...

That is just amazing! I've never seen a water tank that huge! I love stopping by and seeing tidbits of your life in Alaska. Looks like your sweet dogs are enjoying the weather!

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