Saturday, January 22, 2011

My week

Took this just a few minutes ago at 9:53 am. We have more new snow which is good to cover the ground. Maybe one of these days there will be enough here to snowshoe. We actually had more snow in CA where we came from but of course not the length this winter is nor temps as low. Been going to the gym everyday, bored with the pool for now. Gym visit is no big deal just a one hour workout with weights and a couple cardio machines and I'm out of there.
Fridge unloaded of contents, some on counter, most outside on the deck waiting the new fridge this morning. Mine is needing a new compressor so instead of paying for that we'll get a newer used fridge. My kitchen is small as you can see and the fridge is only a 20 cubic in size. 
 Swing dress pattern traced on window, a muslin cut for fit, my dressmakers dummy sized down since I lost 16 pounds not eating grains, sugars, potatoes, and corn. I now have to actually work to be sure I don't keep loosing. Primal Blueprint it really works and once the sugar is out of your blood this lifestyle becomes very satisfying and you settle into it not caring about all those heavy carbs anymore. 
 Project below was way far along when I decided my rose didn't look right at all and ditched the whole shebang for a start over. Do you ever have to do that? I do a LOT !
I'm working on Valentine extras that I will send with my swaps. Need to finish that up this weekend and mail out Monday. 


Debby said...

You usually get alot more snow right?
Since I am gluten free like we discussed before my next step is the sugar.
Not sure I could handle the corn and potatoes. Good for you on the weight don't need to loose anymore though.
Can't wait to see the dress when you are done.

gpc said...

You've done so well on that, hard to imagine that I could get over my carb addiction (especially sugar!) The rose looked good to me!

vivian said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Ive not been doing so good the last two months Ive actually gained back some of what I had lost. I need to get back that determination that I had last year!!
How long is your winter? I dont think I could handle it. Ours is too long already!
happy sunday!

Elizabeth's Place to Be said...

Hi Nan, I was so proud of myself today for eating leftover meatloaf for lunch without any bread. It took about 20 minutes, but I did feel satisfied. Little by little I am going to try and cut out the bread! I've just scraped an entire finished project today. Hate that feeling! I am so looking forward to seeing your swing dress come together. Did you see the photo of Nahla Fri's post. She is so beautiful Nan, it is hard to stay mad at her. Always love visiting your interesting life! PS cute as can be kitchen! Elizabeth

Jean said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. Wow. Love your pattern in the window.

My Vintage Mending said...

You should see my trash can...simply full of scrapped projects lately. Some that I have spent the whole day on. It used to infuriate me, now I see it as practice. Next time it will be better, right? I worked on a few Indigo Junction dress pieces last year and they turned out pretty cute. Only one ended in a heap! Good luck with your pattern. Wonderful weight loss. I wish my body could be dialed down like a dress form?

Stevie said...

I love how you've decorated the top of your cupboards...I spy those lovely blue cake pedestals! Congratulations on losing weight! That's an awesome achievement!!! I too will sometimes stop and start all over on a project. I love the photo shot of your "backyard" gorgeous! xo

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