Friday, January 7, 2011

More Vintage Valentines

Valentine L
Originally uploaded by lovdolls
This reminds me of Blue Bird Paper Crafts Elizabeth's post today about making a red bird. I wanted you all to know I uploaded more Valentines and will be doing more later. Nan


urban craft said...

valentines day is gonna be here before I know it. I better get a move on. VIntage cards should do the trick nicely.

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Nan, I have so enjoyed catching up we you retirees in Alaska! I simply adored your post about reading. I won an essay contest about Rocket Boys and with it a signed copy of the book when the author came to our town. It is absolutely a treasured possession and a favorite book. New rug and room gorgeous! I can picture you there reading and pausing to look at the view. What a very special life you have Nan, and we are so lucky you share it with us. Elizabeth

Debby said...

Very cute. I agree with E.....we are lucky you share with us.

About my health.....something I hope to improve on.
Actually so much better than last year. My co-workers are on round three of "bugs" first. I have been resting alot and will alot more this week-end.
You and your hubby looked so healthy in your Christmas picture.

ImagiMeri said...

Gee Nan,

Where in the Heck do you get these valentines from????? They're gorgeous.......thank you for sharing them.

Love ya'

Jacqueline said...

The rug...beautiful! Your home is looking and feeling so much like home I want to jump on a plane and come there. As you said however, it's gonna cost me close to a million bucks to get to you! One day, I will come...I not only love to travel but I would love to come for a weekend in the fairy cottage.

Now...Nan...YOU are a big reason why I feel so overwhelmed and loved. My sincere thanks for the tag you made for me and the little shadow box. You are such a fun friend and you make such cute stuff I can hardly stand it!

I have so many things I want to make that you have showed me on your blog. I can hardly keep up with you and I also respect your cooking. I have questions about some of the recipes etc...and I like the fact you always introduce new foods. I've just started a very good book called Eat This and Live by Dr. Don Colbert. You may have seen him on t.v. at some point. He talks about living food and dead foods and how we are harming ourselves. This I knew, but I also know, I need to make some changes. Looking for good healthy recipes. I encourage you to show us more of what your make.

Goodness, I should just write you a letter someday...I could write pages to you.

Again...happy new year and thanks for blessing my life...beyond my comprehension!

LBP said...

I love this valentine! Thanks so much for sharing this image. It will definitely be used in my Vaentine crafting!

p.s cute dogs!



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