Friday, January 14, 2011

Moose and a trip to the North Fork

These two boys have been hanging out around our area for 2 days, also a cow and yearling calf were with them. I bet these two young bulls are twins and two year olds. I took these Thursday morning. 
Below are shots from a trip we took to Cookie's cabin today where she is living this winter. The cabin has a propane stove top, a wood stove, no water she hauls that from town, and no electrical (uses a generator), oh and an outhouse. We took the boys in their red coats to meet Cookie's dog a 6 month old female healer mix. She taught Kalen a lesson, she was wanting to nip his legs and that kept him on the move. Kalen has been know to want to nip strange dogs in the butt which I have a feeling he may not be so anxious to do this again as he had a real dose of it. 

Francy is her name

That is Kachemak Bay you can see in the background were we live. 

 She burns coal from the beach and wood.
Her cabin is the size of my Fairy Guest cottage and not finished yet with the ceiling wood and other things needing to be completed. Now Cookie does has a large new home in town and three green houses but is living out here to establish that she is indeed improving the lease. Forty acres are now fenced for cattle in the summer. This is a lease she has had with the state for 30 years. She and her husband may rent out the house in town and move out here later in the year. 


A Vintage Chic said...

Such beautiful country you live in, Nan! And what a lovely cottage your friend lives in...looks so cozy! (Wouldn't like to have to deal with an outhouse in the middle of the night in your weather, though!)

Hope your day is wonderful, my friend!


gpc said...

The cottage is beautiful! At my age I've become too frequent a 'user' to relish the idea of an outhouse, though!

Stevie said...

Wow. Gorgeous!!! And I just love your friend's cabin! I often think about my hubby's grandparents cabin they use to have. It had an outhouse and stream that ran by the home. Oh the simpler times! I would love for my son (we're adopting) to be able to experience them. Have a wonderful weekend!

Charlene said...

I don't think I could live that rough. Your friend is amazing to live in that cold a place with not power(other than the generator that she has to haul fuel for)or heat. And the hauling water does not sound like fun either. Glad you guys went out to visit her. I bet it was fun to watch the dogs interact. HUGS!

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, this is stunning. I want to know how those gorgeous pups brave the cold!

NanE said...

Good morning Nan! Wow, I can't imagine living with an outhouse, I'm such a baby, lol! But it is a really cute cabin!
My Chipper, the Border Collie has always had a bad habit of nipping strange dogs that come in our house, in the back of the neck. I think it was his attempt at herding.
The pic of the Moose is amazing. Have a great week, Nan
PS: I forgot to tell you about my blog. I was really afraid to try, but Leelou blogs made it so easy. She has great step by step instructions and the best part, it's FREE! You can find a link at the very top of my blog.

Canyon Girl said...

I love tough people like Cookie. Someone from Alaska was visiting my blog right now and I was wondering if it was you. I love the moose. I spent one winter in Jackson Hole, WY and there were always plenty of moose in people's backyards. We even had them in the Stockholm suburbs when I was a kid. No more, I'm sure.--Inger

Connie,Barry said...

Love the moose pics and Cookie's cabin pics - looks so cozy! I noticed the large windows in her cabin, also in your home. They look so nice but wondered about heating your places and keeping them warm - if we lived there I think my hubby would hang thermal drapes across them!!

Beth said...

The moose pics are wonderful, Nan! And it's just about as cold here in Iowa as it is up north in AK! What wonderful wildlife you have the privilege to observe. Thanks for sharing them with us. I enjoy it!
Blessings and hugs, Beth

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