Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Meal

From time to time I like to show our meals so you can see cutting out grains is not all bad and we do have great meals. I can honestly tell you I have never done anything so easy as get off of grains, potatoes, rice, legumes, and corn. Because we can eat fat now it's very satisfying. No more low fat or nonfat stuff. 
Bob wanted me to pick up one of those roasted chickens so I did and along with that served pink organic beets cooked in the pressure cooker and a salad. I put together two meals a day the first one breakfast then lunch. Later in the day we snack on leftovers and in the evening usually eat nuts and a few dried fruits like dates or fresh fruit too. The later being so we do not loose anymore weight. 
You can see the two boys on their beds. It's so funny the minute we sit down to eat they both run for their beds as this is the rule we had with Pan. No hanging over us at the table. He teaches everything to Kalen. Really Kalen has been a dream to train as he just copies Pan. 


Sherri B. said...

Thank you for taking the time to share. I looks like this way of eating never leaves you with a growling tummy!

Canyon Girl said...

No dogs beg here either when I'm in charge, but when my husband is home, it is a different story. Angel brings up Samson better than I. But I'm working on it. Interesting food information.--Inger

gpc said...

Such good dogs, proof positive that you took the time to train them! Those roses are really beautiful.

Teacup Lane said...

That's pretty good to have trained Pan and Kalen to be in their bed while you eat. Our Dusty (German Shepard) used to circle the table while we ate supper. His head was level with the table too. Funny memories.

Stevie said...

YUM! You've made me hungry! It looks delish! Are fruits (like bananas) expensive up there? I'm amazed that your dogs run to their beds...whew my kitty would not have that! She's a little turkey! She eats when we are.

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