Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gnome Tag, on a roll

I don't often make something I really like I always feel like it could have been better. But I do like this little gnome tag I just finished. It's so much prettier in person as it has gold angel mist on the papers front and back which make it gleam so. I glued on two little acorn hats and topped one with a glitter ball. *I'm going to do another with a tip I read yesterday, make two images and elevate the second one over the first. This happens to be for 'the girl with the curl' and she knows who she is ! Someone who has sent me so many cute tags and scrapping items in 2010. 
Weather: it's pouring down rain and 38 degrees here exposing ice on all the roads, best to stay in today for sure. 
 Snow White is a paper doll with her full body underneath an elevated dress made stronger by layers on the dress. Tags are very stiff with Elizabeth's sandwich method. Her bag is flocked with MS flocking. Chicken checking out her legs is wood. I think I have one more tag in me today lol..


Sandy said...

How cute Nan...a gnome adventure!! I've been gathering all my things for the Tag Along with Elizabeth. Whew...I hope I know what I've gotten myself in for. Lol I'm excited!
Have a wonderful holiday...stay warm. xoso Sandy

Linda Ruthie said...


Debby said...

He is adorable. What a cute face. Thanks for sharing.

Canyon Girl said...

I love the stuff you make and even more the fact that you are having fun with it. Happy New Year!--Inger

FourSistersInACottage said...

Oh Jan....You are on a roll....LOVE IT!!!
Hugs, Amy

Tracy Suzanne said...

Happy New Year Nan!

I've just been reading over all that I've missed. Love your tags and the felt doll clothes are so cute. The house looks beautiful. I'm so glad you enjoyed the holidays with Ingrid.

Enjoy the rest of your wonderful New Year weekend and stay safe out there.
Hugs...Tracy :)

Creative Breathing said...

Nan, You truly are developing a "style" of paper art all your own that I just adore! It is spare which I think of is very you. I absolutely love the most when the fewest elements convey a story. Your work absolutely does this! Your gnome box is just too cute for words. What a fun evening! I hope we can do it again! Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

Kath said...

Quite charming! Happy new Year Nan, I wish you and your husband health and happiness.

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